Sunday, May 17, 2009

What war?

It's not easy admitting failure. Yes it's healthy and honest and an energy saver when we do but it's challenging to admit we have failed. Here in America we have failed miserably with "The war on Drugs'.
For deep political, religious reasons maybe even skewed morals we as a country never really admit we have failed in this war. All of my life I have had a battle in my family regarding drugs and their place in our society. Today I don't do drugs and I think they get in the way of life and connecting and personally it's a distraction and I do think they can be harmful, very. Pot is not benign and it makes it hard to retain muscles that is why men who smoke a lot of it have man-boobs. Not sexy.YET I am of the thinking that it is a an un-win-able war one that costs everyone more money (billions) then is necessary.

Since we are truth seekers by human nature and we have an almost spiritual need to experience life outside the emotional. intellectual psychic, grid and one of the quickest ways to get "There" is with substances that are illegal in this country. So it looks like we need drugs and they are here to stay.

We will always have them and some how everyone who wants them regardless of their legality will find them, so why not join the tide and legalize? We could set up a registration system so you register as a user and pay accordingly. Throughout society.

There could be proper education regarding the effects etc...In America our conservative leadership has been spouting off about teenage abstinence yet today we have the highest rate of teen pregnancy of any country including third world. Bristol Palin being the poster child for the movement. Our conservative ideology has failed yet again.

Yes, they (teens) just say no in public but yes in private to everything, especially sex and drugs.

So instead of trying to fight the street thug dealer who are better armed and more dangerous then our police and agents we should turn the game on its head and make it legal and take it off the streets and out of the Cartels hands and create a legal industry cause god knows this country needs more industries.

Educate the masses create better programs better mental health facilities. We could funnel the drug money into health care and education and research. I promise the rate of users and the crime will plummet and the tax income will be very welcome.

I grew up around people telling me to use and it's fun and it's safe.Yet somehow I could find my way through and decide what works best for me. I think most of us when given a chance do the same, I say most I know there are some who can't say no because it's a neurological defect, or they are wired to use till death. Not everyone is that way and we only hear about them.

You don't need to be smart or special to say no thank you. As a society how would we know unless we try something different, radical, smart. We have been beaten, we have lost the war, the "Just say no to drugs" doesn't work.

There are countries with very easy laws regarding all of this (including Prostitution) and they seem to be thriving and they haven't turned in a steaming sex crazed drug addled nightmare and here in America where it is illegal we have become just that.

Everywhere in all of the Americas (North and South) people are killing each other and we are spending billions we don't have to fight a war we have lost.

Can't we get smart and do something better. Saying yes to legalizing it doesn't make it better or acceptable it just makes it easier to benefit from and it takes it out of the shadows.

Lets shed some light on's a matter of life and death we can't afford to lose another war.

We can't.

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