Sunday, May 17, 2009

Remotely paranoid

There was a man somewhere who has or had access to my computer for most of the day.
It was eery and creepy and made me think of big brother.
Glad I didn't have anything I didn't want him to see but it made me get the willies a bit.

Wow they can remotely take over the computer and yet they can't find Bin Ladin???


I am feeling sore and not quite in my body and a bit needy.

Exhausted, I want to just eat and sleep.

Hello? both, not a good combo!

Then I have to face up to things that are bugging me and have decided that I am not really having a great day. what do I do?

It could be worse , way worse I know...I know!!!

I am sharing the pain , the process.

What do I know? Yes interestingly, not surprising I am not in the mood to write a note because I feel stretched and beyond the flow.

Oh sure I know this is part of the flow, I SAID I know!?!

LOL...and everything is mind but when we aren't feeling great any words of encouragement are annoying.

with a capital A.


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