Sunday, May 17, 2009


Right this moment I am suffering from awkward social pressure, some people want to exploit this measly page I mean measly because there is no outward design or intent to cash in on the audience and apparently there is one here worth exploiting.This is my page of ideas and concepts a place to think feel and share it. I feel privy to everyone here and kind of protective and so don't feel right in exploiting the base here. Yet I am being asked to include and promote stuff for profit. Other peoples profit. I have no problem in people selling their products especially since it is a free country and they can go wild "some where else" or maybe I will promote a charity or some awareness or a film that is decent but struggling.

Oh I don't know...I am hoping to design a place, a site to do this (share idea's and concepts) without the Facebook sellout to advertisers vibe. I suppose there will be a store for stuff or things I like that you can have too and yes there will be room for money exchanging I suppose and so...I am conflicted.

I know that some folks could care less because it is here (my page) it is convenient and if the new site is cheesy will never visit again.


Is it wrong of me to be protective or should I sell out the page?

I am thinking not.

I like this whatever it is. FYI if a subject is burning inside YOU write it out on your page.

I like when people suggest topic but I can't promise I will address them.
My consciousness is full of ideas I don't write about me.
By the way apparently anyone can see this and use it against us so caution is always prudent

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