Sunday, May 17, 2009

The true tea party

This tax day stuff is interesting but sort of misguided. I know about a tea; Auyahuasca is a potent plant that prepared and taken with care can open up the soul to amazing insight. It heals if done in a safe caring correct environment. If given the chance to experience "The Tea" I highly reccomend it. Problem is it's hard to find leaders of intergrity here in the states who are not solely movtivated by cash. So be careful don't agree to partake with just anyone. Be cautious. I suppose it is the same with everything be cautious. I find it trciky in life how we must navigate with an open heart and yet be cautious and wise and practice common sense.

I know people who will not trust until proven safe. I tend to go in trusting till I get hurt or whatever, I am not certain it is the better way.

I am a bit sad by the conservative out cry against Obama and his team. I know spending is a problem and our currency is about to really suffer. I just think it is funny how so many voted in the "axis of evil "for 8 years and finally when we have an opportunity to correct the mess it is demanded of this administration to have it correccted in no time flat, its weird and unfair.

Every conservative I listen to on the radio has amnesia when it comes to the last 8 years. I rarely hear them cop to the fact that put the greedy men in office in the first place who have done so much damage.
Thank goodness for the likes of George Will he seem capable of admitting and outlining the problems and guilt of the past as well as wanting to give Obama a chance.

There are voices of reason who are not full of BS!


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