Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Zoe, Mitt and Bush

I signed two petitions both against the casting of my friend Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone. I love, love, love Zoe Saldana but I do not think she is a good choice for Nina Simone and Hollywood this is political. Not that Diana Ross made a good Billy Holiday but she was so wonderful we let that slide. Maybe the same will be true here but unlike Billy Holiday who on a good day was gorgeous Nina Simone was never gorgeous well maybe when she was singing then she was transcendent. So to love her music Nina was to love her and to love her was to know we entered her kingdom of pain. I for one shiver when I would sit and listen deeply to her singing knowing that she had that face, that face and its intrinsic hardships. Life is harsher if one is not beautiful, showbiz is especially cruel. the other issue is casting there are so few parts for us. There are zero roles for those of us whose visage is challenged so why take the ONE opportunity away from some magnificent sister? Would the movie "Precious" been as good if someone as perfect as Zoe were cast? Would we believe it?No we would have been kept out of the realistic story by her beauty it would have hurt the depth the poetry of pain. Recently I went to the movies and yet again a perfect looking actress was cast as the female lead. Honestly it was the only thing I felt was out of balance for the film. It made it feel "Hollywood" and that can be bad. the other actors were perfect in their misshaped faces and bodies, brothers each who had something weird in their stance and expression it helped to elevate the movie experience and made me feel as if we were there. yet the female lead was flawless and it was the only thing that I didn't buy and it hurt me thinking the film was a 10 instead I give it a 7.5 out of 10 stars. Listen this particular actor she is very good and works nonstop so my little opinion does nothing except make me feel good about being maybe critical about beauty casting. Would someone with Ellen Barkins face make it today in film? I wonder? Noomi Rapace would have been better in the role than the girl they cast. Still she is pretty...I want Nina to be presented with all of her feathers and wound. Otherwise I will not bother going to see it. Speaking of ugly the telling nastiness of Mitt is very entertaining and it reveals what we all suspected about him he is a plutocrat so it behooves us Dems to remind the public of every failed policy and mess up the last administration authored and how we were on the brink of total devastation with Bush and the overall amnesia that the right seems to have should not be allowed.I want the Obama campaign to drill the airwaves with memories and stats and figures and details of where we were back then and how far we have come. listening to the aw-shucks cruelty of Mitt and his cronies or "cohorts" as he calls them. Their complete inability to have empathy or be honest to the 47% is a very bad sign for him and the country. Bush and company are criminals and the way Mitt speaks and behaves reminds me of that motley crew of thieves and murders. As I watch this news cycle for fun I invert/turn around everything Mitt says and I repeat it about him and I find it is just as true or truer.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Listening to the news coupled with the scary missteps and messaging from Mitt Romney and his campaign staff makes me want to scream and hug the White House all at once. Not good to go against America in such a sensitive explosive time. We do need to respond to the people who inflame racial division and who stir up religious furor globally. I am so sad because ignorance may be our internal undoing as a nation we do have a mighty large community who are just that IGNORANT! Yikes, what is a president and his administration to do? What a crazy time we live in. I am appalled yet not surprised. How clunky is Mitt? I keep hoping he calms down and takes a breath and does something cooler but no off he goes with his tin ear making us look goofy he so reminds me of W. That alone should sway the vote...shades of W.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My father sent me this link; I love this guy and think he teaches us something well a few things. It is good to be a kind generous citizen of planet Earth. Give and give more as much as we can humanely without imbalance. Ah, imbalance is easy to reach because often in our giving our EGO is present. Ego with standing still give and risk it. Also loneliness we are lonely because we are not in community we are sitting at home or in our small world stewing up internal misery. Ge up and out and join the community. It helps to keep us busy and away from the fridge. Personally I can be lazy and unmotivated to do anything but hangout on my couch okay I play sport (tennis) I train clients (a few) and I walk my dogs but I can always do more. oh and I volunteer and I write and I love my friends and family as much as possible. Random acts of kindness but I am not perfect and I am often hard on myself and I am trying to improve. Life is good, kind and full for all of us if we let it show us "how" so be brave and give.