Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Listening to the news coupled with the scary missteps and messaging from Mitt Romney and his campaign staff makes me want to scream and hug the White House all at once. Not good to go against America in such a sensitive explosive time. We do need to respond to the people who inflame racial division and who stir up religious furor globally. I am so sad because ignorance may be our internal undoing as a nation we do have a mighty large community who are just that IGNORANT! Yikes, what is a president and his administration to do? What a crazy time we live in. I am appalled yet not surprised. How clunky is Mitt? I keep hoping he calms down and takes a breath and does something cooler but no off he goes with his tin ear making us look goofy he so reminds me of W. That alone should sway the vote...shades of W.

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Dwane T. said...

To want to lead this country, you either have a heart overflowing with love to give, or a desire for wealth/power that is insatiable. After his first term, Bush II kept saying, “It’s hard work… it’s hard work”. Now after his first term, Obama keeps saying, “It’s not easy”. Still they had their reasons to keep going. Mitt is the stereotypical used car salesman. He tries his best to look clueless and harmless, but he is constantly morphing into what his customer wants him to be so that he can get them to to buy into something they don’t need and really don’t want. He doesn’t have the likability of Bush or Obama, the intelligence of Obama, or the folksiness of Bush. He is a shark masquerading as a dolphin. He has not platform that he can sell to the masses, so he keeps saying things that are controversial so that he can be attacked. This makes him look like a representative of all the Americans who feel like they are under attack and have “Lost their country”, so they want to rally behind him to get “their” America back. Welfare Queens, Willie Horton, illegal aliens, etc. He is using the playbook that says “get White people to feel threatened and they will band together”. Fortunately White people aren’t as quick to follow the okee doke anymore. Obama will win.