Friday, August 28, 2009


Finally a couple of politicians (I know there are a few more) whose heart felt racism has come to the surface and it echo's some public opinion. That it is a race issue and they do feel railroaded by a guy or a movement that is not taking this country into the best direction according to their uptopian all white way. What I know is that ANYONE else who would have taken this job would have maybe done worse then what this administration is doing. I think the flip flop lying that John McCain is doing about his "partner" Ted Kennedy is shameful. Where is character? I live with someone who at times is challenged when it comes to keeping a story straight. I find it the most difficult character flaw, in myself and others. This squirminess when it comes to what one truly believes. It isn't easy to spot but boy do we each need to face it and route it out of our bag of tricks. Look no matter what, try to keep the story straight. I respect a person (no matter what their beliefs) more if they stand up for their opinion/s and don't squiggle and squirm and lie to get out of of being confronted because they might be a bit "white supremacist".

There are many people who are just that and they don't shoot guns or drive pick ups...just like that is true for those few people who look redneck racist but are not. I have actually met a few myself and it was facinating to witness the style choice.

Never judge a book by it's cover, including President Obama.

WE are a complicated bunch and I find it sassy and silly that we need to heap blame on our leaders instead of actually sitting down and maybe prefacing our disdain with" I may be partly responsible for this but I am not happy about...blah, blah, blah". Instead of going off on one man as if he authored everything that isn't good currently in our system. It's frustrating and really "DUMB". Also if the people who are thinking that by protecting Corporate health care and it's racket of public abuse that they are pro-American? It kills me more then bad health care. Who are you weirdos? Please this idea of fair and available will help us not harm us. It's like a shady sci if film which shows propaganda that is scatter shot over a sound system feeding the masses lies, LOVE BIG BROTHER kind of stuff. Who are we? I would love to see them after 5 years of the new and improved system. Provided we get some thing new and improved. I imagine they will be as amnesiac as they are wonder despots the world over have no trouble committing genocide...we are as a whole lazy in almost every way. Fat and stupid is not good.

Watching Mr. Bush hold that book upside down whilst he was being informed about the attacks on 9/11 and then how he sat shell shock or "Gob smacked" (as they say in Briton) for 7 more seconds, then as he stood and skittered away like vermin made me realize that indeed...when we are ignorant, we are just as frantic and desperate as rats only I suspect we are aren't as intelligent or kind.

Thursday, August 27, 2009


My baby is getting married this weekend and although I adore the bride I am a bit sad because as usual I am caught off sides here. I am being shown by life that my baby is a grown up, an adult, a man. Oh, he makes me proud in many ways and I feel touched that he is so independent and I also feel like his accomplished life is my accomplishment too. I can't help it. If asked what is my favorite most winning thing I have achieved? It would be Morgan. Being a parent to a wonderful soul like his. I am far from a perfect parent, so complicated and flawed, yet so willing to admit that, open to what I need to learn, to be a better parent. I refused to be the emotionally incestuous mother who draws every last bit of energy out of her child to feed her unquenchable void. When he was little I simply said "no can do" I will not ruin another soul for my vanity. I will raise him to be autonomous and I will endure the pain of him leaving me early and I did. It wasn't easy shipping him off to prep school at a young age and then college. It was brutal to hear him say "Mom, I will never live with you again" with a huge smile on his face and again hear him say "Mom I am engaged". No doubt one day very soon he will call and tell me I will be a granny, soon. If all goes well. all happened so fast.

I am moving from MILF status to GILF status and it suits me just fine "Thank you".

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Low shots

The easiest way I know to measure my weakness is to measure how low I will shoot to avoid being hurt. I have to admit it's ridiculously low. I am embarrassed and sort of shocked by my lack of confidence in the quality of my work. It's interesting but I think in order to truly succeed we have to be a bit "psychotic" and or highly narcissist or something to that effect, you know, entitled. All of this is against what is my natural mental/emotional conditioning it flies in the face of years of therapy to "ground" myself in "reality". I am obviously uncomfortable there. I think maybe wrong. Maybe the issue all of these last two decades is I have not shot high enough, kept the "dreams big". I suppose I shoot lower in my dreams because I am wounded and afraid of being once again hurt. This is bogus behavior and yes I need to get a grip and "cut it out!" Still my heart feels battered by disappointments and half cocked attempts at selling my materials and it pains me when things don't move the way I need them or want them to. Funny, I said moved, since recently my gut has been gripped in agony for four days by some mysterious bug of course I rush to think it's the H1N1 virus because the media keeps telling me we are all going to get the thing...I am hurting.

I want to be bolder and to dream bigger dreams. I must remember we are made of mystical star dust and we can do the impossible. I must lose my mind in the headiness of success and reach for the very best life has to offer. "Aim high Rae Dawn" and don't worry about being immodest.

Like that famous Mandela saying it is a sin not to "Go big" or something to that effect.

Wow...please forgive me.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Watching a documentary on drugs "The great American white hope" or something to that effect it covered the blatant insanity and racism surrounding criminalizing narcotics. In other words it is racist because interestingly 90% of our prison population who are serving time are ethnic and 50% of that populations offenses is for non violent drugs. Showtime played this documentary I liked it. My father was featured in his prison khakis (gotta love him) it was coherent and factual as it very calmly explained with nice footage and interviews, some,done in Amsterdam our current example that decriminalizing drugs works for society over all. Also the film maker used his own destroyed by booze and pharmaceuticals family as prooof that legal drugs are as bad or worse.

In my time I have heard "it will never be done" more then I can stand. That one sentence should be banned from our language and it is always said with smug confidence. I do know that we need the control and the revenue that decriminalizing would bring. It turns out the control we could actually gain be decriminalizing
make drugs hard for children to get. So it brings up the deeper issue which many people before me have pointed out. It is racism. I know it sounds reactive and conspiracy theorist but I think it's 100% true. Brown skinned people benefit from drugs most since we have never been as afraid if it, and we have turned to it in spite of it's illegality for a myriad of reasons. I know watching your husband , wife,kid or anyone strung out on Meth isn't a good thing it's horrible but we could at least have some benefit from the damn substance as it destroys lives. It isn't an entity that walks up and says "do me" it is a substance that we "use" like booze, sex, food. So I ask...are we really going to miss out on a saner environment when it comes to new revenues and controls and a society that becomes bored with illicit drugs? I know across that board that when prohibition was lifted booze drinking took a big wasn't as sexy.

Race relations seem to seep into every discussion and the current debates on the table are not excluded from this. It feels like the Becks and Rush like cranks, the shouters at town halls are mad and it's not about health reform. No it's that weird nasty age old thing called racism.

I think we need the revenue stream of all drugs being decriminalized and we need to empty out the prisons more then we need to worry about our so called Christian morals

Which everyday seem to be getting thinner and more corrupt.

I for one think calling a spade a spade is a start open up the debate about dominance and race,start talking about the great white fears of our societies turning brown and how the establishment doesn't want it. Lets stop pussy footing around.

Finally, lets face it...if the Europeans whose ancestors founded this country can't get out of the way of progress they will be moved. Progress like spiritual growth waits for no one.

Friday, August 21, 2009

The mix

Yesterday I was asked to write about abuse, I have written quite a lot actually and it isn't easy since I have very tough feelings about how we live and why and where things source from. Many people would kill me if they could because I try with all of my might not to uphold the idea or the belief of victim. This causes apoplectic spasm of blame and hatred to spew forth at me which although I think I can handle it, I do at times feel sad that we still hold out on/for the VICTIM ticket. Now there is a reason I am such a tough proponent for "self responsibility" this isn't because I am a sadist or insensitive or stupid although I can be all of those things too. I try to empower.

I find it essential in this journey called "life" that we find the "key' the nuclear center of each and every one of us. I am desperate for everyone to "get" their good, to discover their own power. To find their sweet spot to adore and use that endless source of greatness that each of us possess.
It empowers me to know you are there or getting there. I get off thinking about the wonders that can be accomplished when a person discovers that they are "it".
So when I am asked to write about abuse or murder and it's horror I get frustrated because I sense a sort of victim "club" in the mix. This "they were so innocent , blah blah blah", I am not saying that children and women who have forgotten themselves and are powerless and or beaten to death are not in serious need. Do not misunderstand me...but I ask from day one, from thought one, from idea one...when do we begin to take responsibility of our experiences? I say NOW, NOW , NOW.
In any event there are micro moments where maybe we could turn around , leave, say no, or simply wake up and find a way out!

...Or even more complicated maybe what it is, is what is needed in the broader perspective, we will never know since broader perspective is wider then we can see!

Having worked for a few months speaking and raising money for "Surviving families of homicide victims" I learned that there is a much deeper mechanism involved in the path of an individuals life and it is not my job or yours to decide what is a good death or a bad death. That it is the "story" we attach and use that determines our own understanding and healing process and it's time line. That we can "milk' any event or we can learn and move on and grow up from it, understanding that we may never understand how "these things happen". So to address abuse is one of my least favorite subjects because it is complicated and it isn't easy and it is NOT black or white.

I believe we have the absolute power over everything in our "story" and if it isn't a pretty picture and or if we have forgotten this key (or cannot know it) then we start there...but I don't believe in victims.

I believe in creatures who create through vibratory resonance.
Not easy to understand and it is a lonely ideology but it is what I believe.

There are no victims, just confusion on both sides.

Thursday, August 20, 2009


Someone warned me about creeps and weirdos and I must confess it scared me until I realized we're all a bit creepy and can be weird too so I relaxed. I have a fan who I am certain lives in Port authority and he e-mails me. I have met him and spoken to him . He wears a huge parka all year and he is very smart and kind and I am weirdly invested in him although I keep a distance. It seems so unfair that he isn't in a proper home but then again Byron Katie would say "proper home" a story and it's obviously not his. So live. I appreciate that, it is just a story of what is nice and not nice or a bad death versus a good death. We were speaking about a friend who is here visiting who isn't having a good time. She is essentially stalking an ex lover. I suggested maybe instead of looking at this situation as tragic we should see it as triumph, she is here in the States doing what she set out to do annoy her ex lover. He seems to be successfully avoiding her and everyone is getting exactly what they want. We do. We all do. We get exactly what we want. I have a long long list of things I want lately. I won't divulge them since it will cause discomfort to the ones I live with's a doozy. I think it is my job to fulfill the list and I am on it! Now I notice there is this thing called being "kind" and "grown up" which can really stop the selfish express. So I cannot indulge every whim. I want to but cannot. It gives me great pleasure to push against conformity though , it almost turns me on! I am certain "the story" of our lives could be richer and more fun if we let it and if we weren't so concerned about how we look. I know I am a HOT MESS (thank you Chelsea Handler) but a delightful one. I am having a pretty great summer although my list is starting to cut into my ribs a bit.

So I have to be more attentive to my bliss...or so they say. I am glad my friend keeps me posted to life in NYC from his perspective. It allows me to appreciate my own clouded point of view.

Everyday I get a bit bold-er and that is a good thing.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009


The shops are excited here on this Island because the President is coming everything is on high alert. I am privileged to get to spend time on the Vineyard. Yesterday I watched/listened to a talented poetess Sassy Ross from the Island of St Thomas. Her voice crystal clear, her poetry powerful, economic and at times searing. I deeply enjoyed it. Met some wondrous artist in residence many people from the city (NYC) have fabulous farms and homes with charm to spare. It is fun to admire how well some people manifest opulence. It all sources from imagination. If you can dream it, you can have it, or so it seems. I get to play on some of the finest courts in the world. I try to imagine what life is like to be able to live in comfort and such wealth? Oh it's a wonder. Me, I am an artist, not an opulent manifest or, no I get to visit but I never get to own. It isn't in my cards. I think I am a perma guest, a lovely butterfly who touches down softly and maybe not so softly here and there forever...when ever I have tried to own(anything) it over whelms me and It loses its charm and I become frightened. Maybe some of us are not meant to be owner but visitor...I know we are all visitors, here. Nothing is in stone or lasts forever. I hope we make this next few years without to much drama, but something says it is a volatile time and some of us are itching for a fight. I dream of balance and community. Not mansions on the water. Maybe I should shift my focus or maybe not.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


If we created this world with all of it's wonder, beauty and complexities and mishaps and tragedy. What does it say about us? I think it says a lot.We can change this hot mess that we are sitting in. Once years ago at a dinner meeting the host was a successful rich producer. The producers wife started up a conversation with just me while our spouses talked. Looking at me in complete seriousness she proceeded to tell me in measured tones, that woman make lousy leaders, directors, producers. That they were better as actors and wardrobe etc...She wasn't joking as I looked at her horrified. She of the house in the best part of Toronto with it's indoor swimming pool. Who sat perfectly coiffed next to her husband as trained to behave as a dolled up toy poodle. No difference except I respect the poodle more, because it's an animal that has no choice. This woman hated women as well as herself only she didn't know it. I politely listened to her story of our incompetence simultaneously day dreaming of ways to kill her without anyone noticing. It kept me occupied while I sat through the rest of the meal. Again she had no idea that she was the enemy, she a woman, hated woman more then men. I created her...we created that. Women hate women more then men do and men really hate us. It like the Taliban. Fascinating, I have listened to the news discuss tribal genocides and how neighbor kills neighbor. Motivated by local politicians promising a better life if they could just ethnically cleanse the "problem" how it will be milk and honey. How the Taliban and every Muslim extremist blame the form of women as being a temptation that must be shrouded because it creates weakness within the man. So torture us, cover us up because that will help? Grow up! It's crazy, base and so prevalent. So it goes millions of sick behaviors to make life better for what, a few?

Where are we going? Is it for ease and more millions of dollars for house, designer duds? When I have, I give away, even when I don't have, I give what I can, my love and humor and happiness, I share. It's my favorite thing to do, it's community. Still it's the society at large. We are being called as fellow human beings to wake up and understand and process and facilitate and change the way things are done. I think we care and I think that each of us has it in us. Nothing is impossible. We can provide a society, a country that is cutting edge and clean and helpful and smart. The Netherlands is on to many wonderful; models of eco consciousness. We can accomplish so much...we can heal the dumb out dated wife of producers who are obviously asleep at the wheel. We can wake those bitches up...we can and with love. Okay I shouldn't call them bitches. Lets start there...educate yourself and be free and generous with the new knowledge and be kind...I will practice this too. We can do this..we can heal our reality and make life as perfect as it being kind and did I say generous?

Sacred faces

Watching the news and seeing all of the terror and anger in the faces of the scared as they shout out what must be important and truth for them regarding their medical life in America. They are committed and act as though they will be thrust back into Soviet Russian dictatorship completely unaware that we have been sucked dry by a force bigger and smarter then those characters, big insurance. Where has common sense gone? I wonder if the current commitment to fighting like hysterics feels good. I think it may. There must be a cathartic vibe after all of that shouting, a huge release, a psychological cleansing. This is what has been percolating in uptight neo conservative christian homes "RAGE" with a capital R.

How interesting that Glenn Beck loses it on television weekly blubbering tears veiling his radical racism spewed forth because he claims to love America. These loud town hall screamers love America and yet I wonder if they could string two sentences together explaining what it is they love and why? I reckon they have no idea really what they are fighting loudly. It's a wonder what happens when we stop and take a moment catch our breath and listen to "the other point of view". The peace and harmony that comes in understanding, before reacting. one of the problems here in America is patience and intelligence. Never in our history have we needed so much more information we can trust...from a neutral point of view, neither liberal or conservative but just the facts please.

I would never want to deprive people their experiences but I ask and pray that they consider taking the time to get all of the FACTS.

Plus I beg Micheal Moore to release "sicko" again, make it mandatory viewing for all of us. He takes us on the medical journey, the bullshit torture ride of high cost and sick excuses not to help the needy. Information we all need, to see and understand why our asses hurt so much from being screwed by the American system of medical insurance and our current health care.

We have sacred faces and SCARED faces...

God help us!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Someone was warning me about stalkers and inappropriate people online. I had to chuckle because her advice and warning was stalkerish. Made me think that we just don't get how if you can recognize a behavior/s you are guilty of it too. Even if it hasn't manifested yet, it could. So be careful with pointing out others as flawed weird and strange because it may mean you too have those EXACT features. I know personally I can sit down and rip someone to shreds, have absolutely no mercy. I would do this regularly until it was pointed out to me "The Universal Law" that if you see it, you can be it. Once I realized that this was indeed fact and provable (rare) or I could find it. I had to stop...okay I am not perfect, I have not completely stopped, I do it less and with a bit of guilt or knowing that I am in TRUTH speaking about myself.

It is all me. Just like it is all YOU. This life, this experience.

All of the horrors and the wonder.

....That is a good thing, powerful.

Monday, August 10, 2009


It is a government run program Medicare/aid and somewhere in the rush to judge the man in the white house as incompetent the real message is being lost. It is racial and that's fine call a spade a spade and an ignorant hick a bigot. What ever it's just fear no matter how you slice it. We need so much to be over hauled in our system and it's funny no one wants to do the work , like pay for it. I have never trusted the medical system we have here in this country it is corrupt. I have experienced both Canada and France and England and it is lovely to not have to panic every time something goes wrong. Whereas here it is a BIG decision of whether we go or not to the doctors. Something that a lot of us face is that big question. Personally I need to get a check up and I don't have actors insurance still I need a check up it's been over the allotted time since I had one. If I die from some undiagnosed condition I will blame (post mortem) all those lame astro-turfing illiterates who are filling up the town hall meetings afraid that big insurance will go out of business. We never get the facts right and none of these souls feel compelled to get their news in safe or safer outlets. Don't go to the liberal outlets go farther afield go to Al jezeera which apparently is more trustworthy then anything we put out in mainstream media, fair and balanced. According to the BBC and NPR.

This weekend Real time's Bill Maher pointed out how uniformed we Americans's as bad as reading the latest recipients of the "Darwin" awards.
We as a whole are "Stupid".

No wonder Bush and Cheney got away with so much.

Saturday, August 8, 2009


When we lose our religion/s be it love, money, fame or fortune, it is a blessing. In the stinky heat of disappointment I think we discover what we are made of, if we let life unfold for us. It's tough for sure when bills and seeming misfortune tackles us to the ground and we are clutched whited knuckling in panic and despair. Still it's the sweet spot of life that humble pie and if we are blessed we find love and POWER. No one can teach this it's experiential.

I know personally when my ass has been kicked and it does get smashed on a regular basis. I have to step back and trust that I am up to the task what ever comes my way. I was built to have life in all of it's glory, no shrinking violet me.
I am certain when we are given a choice to say reincarnate I ordered up this life with all it's drama.

Would you shirk the pain and misery if you knew it would guarantee bliss ? Simply in understanding that we cannot fail...not really?

Hmmm...oh I am sure this is hoo ha silly speak. I guess it's up for me and I felt compelled to share the process.

Pick yourself off the floor dust off and start again get back up and dance, we can always be better next time.

We are here for that and that alone.


Yes you are loved.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

All eyez on me

2 Pac Shakur was a fantastic rapper I am having a 2 pac summer. I can't seem to stop playing his record. I am late to this party since a while ago I borrowed the disc and added it to my play list and that was post mortem. Every once in a while I will just sit and listen carefully to his flow, his words. I enjoy the velvet sound of his voice both tonally and his speaking/rapping voice. Also there is child like quality to his shenanigans. I am exhausted by the "bitch this bitch" that but in context the women he is referencing seem somewhat guilty of the title. I am not one for homophobia and I know rap is filled with it. I think mostly it's because our prisons are chocko block full of African Americans and there is that there...even if outside you don't go that way. It's an odd tragic response so I think rap music overcompensates by being uber anti gay. No excuse for the bigotry or misogyny I just find it fascinating. Another thing they roll in packs, every song seems to be about rallying their posse. They seem to roll ten brothers deep which is so interesting. It hearkens back to when? Gangs or tribes and I think it's natural as protection too. Sociologically his music is revealing it tells a deep interesting story deeper then the male female dance which is fascinating and worthy of discussion. Thinking about 2pac's perdicament his posse issues, having to rally and organize and keep track and pay for that many people had to have been onerous. The guy had lots of problems and I suspect being a killer could've been one of them. Inspite of that... His music is rich and it's so much better then a lot of rap I hear today. There is a richness that is unique to 2pac. I love his flow...I am fascinated by how excellent it is, musically.

If you have never given his album a listen get All eyez on me...I think it's a classic.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It is vital to make a commitment to love, if we are in it or if we want it, of course we start here now with ourselves. Everyday I fantasize about "lover" no it's not my man. I think of this ideal, I imagine my every need being met in this magical satisfying way, me, mine, complete orgasmic heaven. Of course some wise doctor pointed out that an infant is the only other creature who wants that. Healthy adults don't even think it's possible or they miss satisfying their significant other. So I am or can be infantile. Oh sure we can chalk it up to a truncated relationship with mother. I had a very truncated relationship, short and cold. Poor me, I kid.

Sure I missed the walks the cuddles and the sweet time of magic girls can have with mother. On the other hand my entire life has been dedicated to discovery and learning about life. Deep investigation with the core realization that being lover being a fully flushed out adult in relationship with the divinity in both my self and my significant brings me close to the sweet spot some call Nirvana.

How do we achieve such a far flung thang? I know it's so exotic and some of us are all thumbs when it comes to love. If I could give you the shortest route to it I would NOT because I would be robbing you of the path, the journey. No one can ride the roller coaster for us we HAVE to do it ourselves and same with life and love. It's your journey. I have a love hate relationship with self help books, programs to speed up self realization, it feels as if it is counter productive to the actual experience. Speed seems to me to be the problem and what's the rush? Okay so love and being a better lover here, now, in our lives, our lives as they are now with or without a mate that's a privilege because we have something to learn and do. That's another thing, you don't need anyone else to do this. Taking the care and being thoughtful to yourself and your neighbor is the first steps to becoming a fantastic lover.

I am only in this (life) to be a fantastic lover.

Money fame and fortune is not the goal they are a by-product of a fully connected loving life filled with joy.

If you were given the choice of Self realization or a billion dollars what would you take?

I would take the source (Self realization) the connectedness...that's what we want cash for anyway, to feel safe.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


So do you know your self well enough to be certain of all of your decisions? I wonder how well we really do know what we call ourselves. I think we function superficially and at times we are barely doing that, high functioning. Once a while back someone who wanted to hurt me accused me of using this form as a bit of therapy. It was a diss I suppose, one that didn't really work since I thought the observation to be correct. What are the rules? So here I go...yesterday I noticed in myself and in my immediate surroundings that most of us have no idea really what gives inside each of us.
We sort of think we do or we hope so. For instance one of my companions who is a new friend had a conflicting energy about him. It was confusing, made us wonder "was he this or that" couldn't peg his sexuality exactly...
Then interestingly my other friend commented on the same confusing vibration that I was feeling. She asked do you think so so is? I won't give away the exact details for fear he may read this and it's not the point of my story. The point is I reckon he isn't aware of his vibe per se. He has no idea that maybe a hidden desire he thinks is hidden leaks all over the place to the point that anyone with a modicum of sensitivity will pick up this secret. We are transparent there is no place to hide. I think each of us should take a few moments a day (meditation) to gather up and maybe anchor ourselves not so much to control the forbidden but to maybe be aware of our effulgence. What we give the world.

Maybe or we should risk it and see what happens.

Everyday I learn something which shows me the wisdom of taking some time off.

Meditation? Maybe.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Nirvana's seventh heaven

I am thinking of a world, a virtual paradise to play and learn and share idea's only I wonder is it anti productive to entertain people that way? Now that Television is being obliterated by the Internet how can one create a productive space? I wonder? It's I listened as an economist was talking about the new connection he has made with life on the web or in virtual world and this information cornucopia Google has created, how it makes us closer in our new virtual behaviors to people with autism. It is a form of techno Autism this life on the computer and it isn't a bad thing. I like his thesis. I also appreciate taking the disability out of something like Autism or the "bad" connotation because some people do quite well with it (Autism) they are high functioning. So it opens up the concept that maybe this is the future, we are morphing into people with seemingly less emotional contact and yet deeper virtual connections. Is this a bad thing? Also there is no longer an excuse to be uninformed all one has to do is "google" something or Wiki it...this is huge.

It means life as we have know it is changing in a gigantic way and it is helpful to tackle it with understanding and join in...instead of say rebelling or fighting it. We humans evolve no matter what. I remember when a phone call went unanswered and the person just tried back later. When messages were written on scraps of paper attached to the fridge. I don't miss those days I just think it is cute when I meet youngsters who are baffled about how we survived without say texting. I dig this new modality I think it isn't a bad thing that our less capable brethren socially have this magnificent way to connect to each other, to me...I like this community we have and I love the freedom. Word is, they want to charge a dollar a day to use facebook. It will kill it.

There is something about free that keeps us in... I know we need an exchange but something tells me we are missing it, what this exchange actually is.

Take off the old eyes/way of seeing and reconnoiter a new perspective it's here life for us , now and later is here we just have to find it and see or be humble and admit it may be so simple and kind we might miss it.

I reckon it's care, love and community. The new modality is love.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

The family

A christian group set up to destroy what is great in America under the protection of fundamentalist Christianity. Just writing that sentence is creepy. I want everyone to do their homework and learn as much as possible about this group and out all of their activities. write,blog and spread the word that there are people out there on a mission to Christianize America. Okay That may not be an actual word but it's something I feel compelled to create it to express its shape. I have no problem with your beliefs or others beliefs as long as it is practised in private or gently shared not diabolical propaganda. I get worried when I hear about groups demanding huge mega Church's to be build on Military bases where is the freedom there? The Christian ideal is one idea not the only religion. I am sorry but I for one believe in a creative force you can label it God, but it isn't necessarily connected to "the good book" and I am hesitant to take a stand propping up any propaganda. I think there is plenty of space on Planet earth for you and me without having my ideals and beliefs rammed down anyone else's throat. I am not saying Jesus wasn't real I just think it is harmful to say and do anything to anyone under the name or auspices of "The Christ". All love and charity should be down under what it is, which is love of human kind for our brethren not Just for some abstract idea...or dogma.

I am not wanting Mega churches built on bases I think religion and spirituality should be more private and balanced. Build a church but hold off on the mega part. Like mega mansions does one really need that much space?

Oh I know I am in dangerous territory, still we seem to be under attack here in America from our own citizens. The believers who murder doctors, the crazy Christians who believe Muslims are all bad. It's scary and we as moderates (I guess) need to be educated and ready to kill the fires that seem to be set everywhere.

The same folks who keep on about Obama's birth place. These people are stupid.

I know America is better then has to be we voted him in.

Read the new book about the Christian mafia called "The Family' and go see "Hurt Locker" it is the best film so far in 2009.

...or NOT, it's a free country, so lets keep it that way!