Saturday, April 28, 2012

Read and understand before you choose...

Okay, why do people vote for candidates who have gone public with policies that don’t and I repeat don’t have their interests at heart? Because they don’t understand nor do they read policy. The same is said about 98% of the law makers in government. They don’t read their own bills. Which means “Houston we have a problem”. I can attest to having ADD when it comes to my reading assignments. I will plow through a book 2/3 and then get “bored” seriously bored and ready to get to the end. Which means the books I read are dull (maybe) or I am a lousy reader (maybe) or there is just too many things to do and I get distracted (very true)…meanwhile because we have a lot of outlets to get information I have become a lot more informed about the political culture/ sphere and weirdly interested in policy and I have discovered this not so secret fact. Most Americans have no idea what their pet politicians truly stand for. If most seniors who seem to be Republican realized and read what their politicians wanted as far as future policies they wouldn’t be Republican. Because most seniors are frightened and maybe old school and unfamiliar with anything like an Obama they vote for the big “white” guy not really realizing that the rich 1% wanna cut their social services or entitlements. The fact is we are under siege not only as women and children and the lower to middle class but as moderate Republicans who don’t agree with the Tea party rhetoric. In fact the moderates are a rare breed seemly soon to be extinct and it is scary to imagine a world of schizophrenic politicians like Romney who take an extreme position on day and flip flop the next as if no one witnessed the flip flop. Yet this is the world we live in. I don’t think Obama is perfect by any stretch of the imagination and it irritates me to think that the entire structure of our democracy is a sham because every day I study it; our democracy seems fake and nonexistent. This irritates and saddens me. Luckily for me I am beyond ever needing an abortion but in my prime I thank god I could get them. I say it plural because I happen to be one of those females who got pregnant with the harshest birth control. Meaning if you looked in my direction I was knocked up. So for me in 2012 imagining women across this country having to go to some voodoo back alley butcher because a gaggle of illiterate lazy politicians who by the way have their bible fueled beliefs clogging reason as they are writing bills and passing them prohibiting abortions and other services, it’s a nightmare I cannot and don’t want to imagine. Alas here we are, wake up America and vote with confidence and understanding, read the fine print, because it is a matter of life and death and prosperity.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Socio-path is more like it...

Mr. Romney freaks me out because he is mental and not in a fun way. Here is a deliciously great article by Paul Krugmen; Enjoy! Copy and paste in your browser.

Friday, April 20, 2012

The long road to justice

Watching the lawyer for Zimmerman try to undermine the charge of "confrontation" is interesting. If Zimmerman hadn't confronted the child wouldn't Trayvon still be living and breathing and at home, alive today? So what part of "something confrontational happened" does he need to prove? I hope the prosecution is ready because this lawyer is intense and seems pretty focused...more to come.Casey Anthony went my hopes for justice are low because it's Florida. I know call me pessimistic.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


The best things in life are free…so goes the saying and so goes success. Ask yourself would you do what you do for a living or work whatever you call everyday for free? If so you are the luckiest and if not there is a wee bit o work to be done in our perceptions of what we call “work” or our careers. I am guilty of always going about my career for the wrong values and have been adrift for decades trying to jump start my drive for making movies and or television which interestingly enough started to wane (my career) right when I was becoming more whole and honest. In other words I was very successful as a kid when it is manic need that propelled me forward. What I realized after years pf therapy was that I was motivated by a need to be loved. Then a funny thing happened I achieved the goal I found the thing I most needed or thought I lacked and needed and Voila my career evaporated and the drive evaporated at the same time. As if getting sober emotionally killed what made me fascinating. Don’t you notice how certain actors were way more interesting in their work when they were raging drunks or coke heads. It is true for some but maybe not across the board or in every case but still a few major stars have maybe ruined their “hotness” by becoming sober as if they were de-clawed or neutered. I work as a volunteer trying to get films for our local film festival and nothing makes a person realize how powerless we all truly are than trying to get Hollywood-sters to give us their films. The town just lets one know how very unimportant I am by the abuse we face when trying to showcase films. Even if you star in them. Last year was rugged and I may never recover from the abuse of a certain studio. I know in my heart who lead the charge and I suspect their motivation was fear that I “little ol’ me” would steal their thunder which I did not. Still we were jerked around by them and I curse them for it. I kind of wish them all ill. I know not very evolved but hey they behaved badly. Maybe getting old and being overweight is sin against the machine that is Hollywood. I am not obese just not Hollywood thin and I am not young I am old compared to what they like. I get that. Yet on the other hand, I think reality TV has given us a glimpse into a truth. The truth is if it(content) is good and real and interesting it doesn’t matter what it looks like. That is the saving grace, “the thing” it has to be very good. When I say good it has to capture our attention and hold it. I think weirdo’s like Ted Nugent mistake the genius of Howard Stern…they don’t realize that he is measured in his outrageousness that he practices how far he can go as if he and only he knows what it is. In fact it is true he knows the limit from decades of practice. When some one flails so feloniously inappropriate threats against the President to make a point it is a measure of society and how far it has gone down. So we just have to take a breath and say “poor guy” he needs attention and this is how he wants to get it. I think he should be arrested for threatening to kill. I think he should be arrested for inciting murder amongst his followers. I like what I do and I do it for free occasionally I get a check or something but honestly it is for free what I get paid for is auditioning. I didn’t make that up, Phillip Seymour Hoffman told me that once. He said his real job was directing a theater company and that they pay him to audition and leave his day job. He would do the acting part for free. I say here, here…

Monday, April 16, 2012

Go girl!

Watching Ashley Judd jump all over the media for the right reason; objectifying women,supporting misogyny and supporting/promoting destructive body images for women both old and young. It made me furious,sad and frustrated because we seem to be helpless when it comes to creating a healthy consensus in regards to the female body through the decades. Dove products and their advertising are one good example of truth in advertising that promotes a positive image of what a real person looks like. Now days we are crucified when we “let ourselves go” burned at the proverbial stake as it were. I know because throughout my entire existence I have struggled with my body and I have allowed it to do what it needs to do and still go in front of the camera and sometimes looking awful but we still need to work. It has deeply impacted my career and prevented me from booking many jobs no doubt and it gives me pain but what am I to do I am a human being with fluctuating weight and everyday is a struggle to just stay healthy. I cannot complain the brush of divine beauty has been kind to me. Still what I think is the dark secret in this debate isn’t just the blatant male and by the way female enforced inequity in all aspect of society whether it is equal pay or equal standards of beauty which don’t exist. What really galls me and causes me to feel the most bruised is that the biggest culprits the most guilty people of keep women down and preventing “real” images to be the norm are women.If you listen carefully the women in power in the world make sure that they are one of a very small group of successful beings and sure enough if you look at them they look like this “a younger version of Candace bergen”. Look at the corporate profile of every top media outlet studio and you will see 99% Caucasian men with a smattering of females that look like Murphy Brown only thinner. The women will be blond maybe Jewish but definitely wasp looking. These very same people will be the harshest and will maintain the status quo. So how dare YOU be a normal looking women of a certain age in media. So Ashly Judd is right to be offended and I caution pointing the finger at men only when indeed it is the women in power who are as much to blame. It is that dirty secret of racism in the African American community that some of the biggest bigots against African Americans are African Americans. It follows the same in the Jewish community hence the higher appreciation for all things Brit; in Media all Media. We hate ourselves. Recently some one I admired died and it made me stop and realize that all the money in the world or fame or what have you matters NOT in the face of poor health. That we are all in the market for LOVE if you cannot get LOVE in a positive way we will distort it and get attention in a less productive way. Negative pleasure which is a whole article unto itself is another form although harmful to manifest a form of love or attention. We need to demand more examples of life that are reflective of life, we need to hold symposiums where maybe we can ‘out’ the true battle for equality and womens rights that seem to be up right now.There is a war on women being waged by men and WOMEN together! I say we need to be honest, the battle we are raging starts from within. There are legions of women whether it is from ignorance, daddy centric complexes or just plain self hate but there are a lot of women today who are keeping the greater whole in a fragile not so nice place and these sisters need to be educated and brought back into the fold. To be a fully realized women only enhances the life of the male and can bring happiness and peace to any couple. It doesn’t mean you are a man hating, lesbian.Not all Lesbians hate men I am just citing an obnoxious example. To be supportive and kind to other women and to extend generously to others enriches you and the greater whole. Will we ever trust that there is enough to go around? Be brave, kind and strong and vow to work for equality and the right to choose. Good luck to all of us, Go girl!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Read this...

I know it seems odd to do this but he is a treasure...but in case some of you don't subscribe to the NY times; My idol Paul Krugman has this to say; Enjoy! RD