Saturday, April 28, 2012

Read and understand before you choose...

Okay, why do people vote for candidates who have gone public with policies that don’t and I repeat don’t have their interests at heart? Because they don’t understand nor do they read policy. The same is said about 98% of the law makers in government. They don’t read their own bills. Which means “Houston we have a problem”. I can attest to having ADD when it comes to my reading assignments. I will plow through a book 2/3 and then get “bored” seriously bored and ready to get to the end. Which means the books I read are dull (maybe) or I am a lousy reader (maybe) or there is just too many things to do and I get distracted (very true)…meanwhile because we have a lot of outlets to get information I have become a lot more informed about the political culture/ sphere and weirdly interested in policy and I have discovered this not so secret fact. Most Americans have no idea what their pet politicians truly stand for. If most seniors who seem to be Republican realized and read what their politicians wanted as far as future policies they wouldn’t be Republican. Because most seniors are frightened and maybe old school and unfamiliar with anything like an Obama they vote for the big “white” guy not really realizing that the rich 1% wanna cut their social services or entitlements. The fact is we are under siege not only as women and children and the lower to middle class but as moderate Republicans who don’t agree with the Tea party rhetoric. In fact the moderates are a rare breed seemly soon to be extinct and it is scary to imagine a world of schizophrenic politicians like Romney who take an extreme position on day and flip flop the next as if no one witnessed the flip flop. Yet this is the world we live in. I don’t think Obama is perfect by any stretch of the imagination and it irritates me to think that the entire structure of our democracy is a sham because every day I study it; our democracy seems fake and nonexistent. This irritates and saddens me. Luckily for me I am beyond ever needing an abortion but in my prime I thank god I could get them. I say it plural because I happen to be one of those females who got pregnant with the harshest birth control. Meaning if you looked in my direction I was knocked up. So for me in 2012 imagining women across this country having to go to some voodoo back alley butcher because a gaggle of illiterate lazy politicians who by the way have their bible fueled beliefs clogging reason as they are writing bills and passing them prohibiting abortions and other services, it’s a nightmare I cannot and don’t want to imagine. Alas here we are, wake up America and vote with confidence and understanding, read the fine print, because it is a matter of life and death and prosperity.


Unchosen said...

I agree with you about everything except Romney being schizo. He's not at all, but rather is a consummate politician who tells the audience at hand exactly what they want to hear. Which means none of us have any idea at all what he really believes, a truly frightening fact about someone who is a contender for the office of President.

Dwane T. said...

The problem is, far too many folks in the US listen to politicians and news shows for validation rather than information. They want someone to tell them that they are worthwhile as a person and as an American. So if you tell them it doesn't matter that they are better than other people because they believe in Jesus, or because they are White, or because they aren't like other minorities, or because they are not in the inner city, or because they payed taxes at some point in there life, or because they are not receiving "Welfare", they are going to have something to hold onto to feel good about themselves. It doesn't matter if they are dirt poor, or living off of social security, or reading at a 4th grade level, or slowly dying from some disease caused by the plant they work at not being compliant with health regulations. All that matters is that someone famous said they are the "good" Americans.

People who don't have anything else to validate their lives will vote for a good feeling. Bush II got votes because he was more "likeable". He was so country-ghetto that he made other country-ghetto people feel good about themselves. For every voter with a 130 IQ that can grasp every concept, there is a person with a 70 IQ who basically only understands "we're good, and they're bad". The 130's split their votes between various ideologies and parties. The 70's vote as a block.

Romney epitomizes the current Republican Party. He minimizes leadership and direction, and maximizes validation to those who feel marginalized by a country who changing demographics is reducing their ability to be better than everyone else because they have White skin and believe in Jesus. Now that the primary is over, he will morph into something that will allow more 70's to move into the security of a we're good and they're bad platform. Even if everything else on that platform is the worst thing that can happen to them, they will feel good about themselves... which is all that matters.