Friday, September 27, 2013

Unexpected and accepting.

Some of us are driven to succeed so we never feel vulnerable yet feeling vulnerable teaches us about being human and allowing life to carry us.Still when that lesson is digested well it is normal and natural to want to give back. I have felt as if my feet were un fire most of my life then that changed for a long time maybe 17 years or so. Now today my feet feel a little hot and I am eager to be as successful as possible and it is time to carry and I have resisted till now. After the "event" this past summer with all the racial uproar it made me sit back and take stock and ask myself "how was I walking through the world?" "what is going on" I found some unconsciousness in my self, some places where I have been asleep or coasting. Oh I am not saying coasting isn't healing or good, for me it has been a soul balm, a place to find refuge. Still it is important to be responsible and aware of ones gifts and to be generous and comeone people can count on. I have hurt people who were unsure of where I stood and whether I was a good citizen. I am a good citizen I am not perfect but I try to keep my word and be as real and true as possible. I know my social conscious is pointed true north. I am good. Anyway we are about to go into film mode and it is a kin to hiking Mt Everest with oyxgen. Stuff happens and being leader it all falls on me. It was a blessing my summer "thing" one experience I didn't expect or see coming but I was pleased to face myself and what I believe,face the naysayers, the haters, the BS; and come out the other side. In the end we are loved, safe and very much a part of a connected huge family. We are always carried but for me I look forward to being the who carries...with JOY! Oh and if you get a chance check out The StaRmy or Jake Klotze up coming web show Part of the Sync family series, amazing.

Monday, September 16, 2013

The Celebrant

One last push before shooting I had so many inquiries about donations so here it is...people who want to be a part of us!!!

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

An Ephipany

Meditate and
listen to the inner stillness and recharge and commune with a part of the self that is wiser and connected to the great cosmic power source God. That was the directive this morning upon getting up. I did as I was told and lo and behold it immediately helped me and things begun to unfold. The first of many thoughts came to me about politics in show business some would call it brown nosing. Now I have been raised a rebel and if I had listened to the experts nothing in my life and career would have been nearly as exciting in fact there would be no career . They said it could never be done. Now I am at the brink of more "no ways' and I have that same kind of resistance but not the energy of youth. SoI sit and meditate and hold it up to divine force. I cannot do a show about a spiritual person who doesn't use spirit to guide her? Right, so it is not a shock that in order to pull this off I need to be a CELEBRANT to myself. Yesterday I read a beautiful post sent to me from a complete stranger about my recent ordeal and he said to relax and some other simple kind words. The thing that struck me was the simplicity. This one note felt seismic in its impact. Thank you man who is handsome and asked me to dinner. I am happily married and I cannot accept your lovely invite but I do friend you in the spiritual sense and I appreciate your attention. It also occurred to me as all things do after we do them that everything can be turned around...inward back to us. Oh I know every single one of you reading this already is fluent in the "Turn arounds "but I marvel in how true they are. a turn around is a tool coined by Byron katie where we turn every belief back around and make it true for ourselves. So I recently criticized someone for being a brown noser but I could use a bit of that myself. In fact it is being politically astute. When life begins by being rebellious it is often hard to change course and become more delicate. I am the daughter of a club owner who delicate was not the first go to response it was punch now ask later or better yet "RUN"...Anyway be still and know isn't just a platitude it may save our lives.