Friday, May 27, 2011

Just cause it's easy doesn't mean its good.

I am on vacation and am sitting in my room listening/watching the news “Democracy Now” regarding the phenomena of filtering what we see and search for online. Let me clarify filtering is done by Google and Facebook and a host of other sites and browsers. They manage our tastes and help guide us to what they think we want to see focusing on similarities instead of allowing us the INDVIVDUAL and opportunity to choose such an important thing. Let’s face it most of us are lazy and think it a compliment when we are served whether it is a table in our favorite restaurant or if we order a coffee and the vendors knows what we like before we order it. We think it is fabulous to be “loved” that way until it isn’t. So when we allow every act we do online to be recorded and managed and used we open up a huge universe of trouble. That trouble can lead us into a police state we would deeply regret and this is why I personally stopped face booking last May. It occurred to me after reading a book called “Free” that nothing is Free and we open ourselves to slavery by simple things as free sites and easy access and social websites the ease of them is the warning. Plus we are new to the web really and it’s is something that HUGE Corporations are spending tens of millions of dollars to figure out how to control and manage and dominate and exploit. We are helping them get this by being unaware of what out simple “click of the button” means its value. Information is value you give it away every time you surf the web or go online and face book or any of them. Tough stuff because we have geared so much to social sites now people still constantly ask me to connect with them on FB and I say sorry I cannot and don’t. It’s made us lazy and we are paying with our freedom. Then my fave news outlet shared the horrendous practice of Fracking and how we are having to fight for Mother Earth yet again because big business wants to Frack all over America at the expense of not only our drinking water but our health the contaminants that methane mixed with chlorine creates directly makes cancers deep dark nasty cancers which we cannot and don’t want in the first place. HELP! Join environmental groups give money to the real warriors on the ground that fight for us who want to save our aquifers and our health. Why are we so short sighted? We have to stay vigilant when it freedom and if something is easy to use it doesn’t mean it’s safe in the long run or free. The simpler the program usually it means it is milking you for all your habits and taste and preferences watch out everybody big trouble is lurking BIG BROTHER is coming for our freedom.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Black oak rising...

Oh brother! Now I feel like such a reject because I have no memory of being groped and abused sexually by Arnold. I was groped possibly but I remember dodging it and making him behave so it didn't feel scary or troublesome to me. I mean who hasn’t had hands in awkward places from wealthy or famous guys at one time or another? In case you haven’t it happens a lot and it’s uncool. I can’t think anyone especially a hot girl who hasn’t had a moment that wasn’t awkward when (usually) younger I am talking post 60’s and 70’s into the 80’s. By the way I am not condoning this behavior and I find the rape of the housekeeper in the Strauss Kahn affair absolutely terrible and I think he is guilty and I think SHE is heroic in stepping up and getting him arrested. I will say I have been forced to have sex (raped) and it isn’t pleasant and I don’t think it is a light subject and I am very happy people like Arnold and John Ensign are being called on to the carpet for their misuse of power. These were employees and it is unfair to prey and introduce anything inappropriate in the work place. Still sexuality is tricky and it is an urge that is animalistic and nearly impossible to control look at the Catholic priest problem historically and globally. It is hard for me to imagine the Pope being canonized when he had to be aware that bad things were happening to millions of children worldwide for the last 150 years or more. They want to make him a saint? What? No way and yes it baffles my mind. I think he is not a saint a true saint would have stopped the madness. Arnold definitely is frisky and very motivated but who isn’t? I know many famous men who are dogs or pigs as the news outlets are calling them. If society were less judgmental maybe these “pigs” would get help? And be less DL or hidden about attacking people? I mean when I say that,is that if we wouldn't immediately label them bad (they are ill) we could understand the illness better and maybe they would get help instead of hide their issues. Maybe, meanwhile I suppose that is the sex appeal to molesting people to be doing something secretive. They say it points to child abuse in the perp. I can see that. I hate to call people animals names( dog , pig) as a punishment since most animals are better behaved.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Ass...

There is a revolution afoot and its home grown or at least I hope so. It is the green movement the revolution of resetting how we live and consume and care for our environment. Turns out if we don’t start the complete renewal immediately we will die sooner(12 years) than later. That is incentive and I use the word incentive properly not like the current mash up of “izing” every verb as if to emphasize (pun intended) the point. We are looking at some fascinating weather ahead in every market. I am currently reading Thomas Friedman’s book “Hot, Flat, and crowded” read it. He outlines in complete details why we are in for it is we don’t make massive changes and there it is again our need to revisit how we allow our politicians to lull us into lies and more lies about how well we are doing when we are not doing well at all. When we could look to our neighbors like Brazil and Denmark and other off the grid cultures who have somehow managed to get off “The pipe” I mean the crude OILPIPE…my beloved husband says it is impossible with the current climate of bipartisan BS on the hill. I say it is possible because we have a black president. The book says the same thing too…read it with me and let me know what you think. Peace…oh and get on that bicycle and burn a few calories with me in solidarity for the love of Mother Earth.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011


There are a zillion reasons we should all gather together and boycott NBC because of their unwavering support of a nasty bigot like Trump. That only Groupon has pulled out of sponsoring his show (last I checked) makes me think that maybe Trump is voicing a radical racism that is prevalent and maybe his views are shared by the corporations that are still behind his show. I think we who are not radically racist should consider boycotting everyone who stands behind him. Recently I was doing a signing show in New Jersey when Gary Busey approached me and mauled me essentially (hugs and wet cheek kiss) I was caught off guard. I don’t like or know Mr. Busey and I feel sorry for him and I felt caught. First because I don’t like him BECAUSE he supports Trump also because he is sick and will not get the help he needs. This is why I don’t want the photos of him hugging me to misrepresent my beliefs because I don’t support anyone who remotely supports Trump or anyone like him. I do think NBC needs to fire him because he is a polarizing influence a hater, a race baiting fool. I risk being bigoted against a bigot and that’s not nice either but I want to make a statement, I want to stand up in protest against the vile poisonous rhetoric someone as self delusional as Trump spreads. We become complacent and accepting of misbehavior because people don’t want to get involved meanwhile get involved. The latest news is indicative of someone being home in the Whitehouse. The news of Osama being killed is good news and I pray it inspires good decisions about leaving Afghanistan and Iraq. We do need to pull back and out of the region. It isn’t our job to police these regions and I think we cannot afford. Suze Orman would loudly agree we cannot afford to police the world. Remember fighting in Afghanistan 12 years ago helped destroy the Soviet Union. It has definitely undermined us here in the USA. Please Mr. President lets seriously reduce and regroup overseas. Lets bring everyone home and could we please protect Mother nature and could you encourage Ethanol funding so we could become more like Brazil and less like China?