Wednesday, May 4, 2011


There are a zillion reasons we should all gather together and boycott NBC because of their unwavering support of a nasty bigot like Trump. That only Groupon has pulled out of sponsoring his show (last I checked) makes me think that maybe Trump is voicing a radical racism that is prevalent and maybe his views are shared by the corporations that are still behind his show. I think we who are not radically racist should consider boycotting everyone who stands behind him. Recently I was doing a signing show in New Jersey when Gary Busey approached me and mauled me essentially (hugs and wet cheek kiss) I was caught off guard. I don’t like or know Mr. Busey and I feel sorry for him and I felt caught. First because I don’t like him BECAUSE he supports Trump also because he is sick and will not get the help he needs. This is why I don’t want the photos of him hugging me to misrepresent my beliefs because I don’t support anyone who remotely supports Trump or anyone like him. I do think NBC needs to fire him because he is a polarizing influence a hater, a race baiting fool. I risk being bigoted against a bigot and that’s not nice either but I want to make a statement, I want to stand up in protest against the vile poisonous rhetoric someone as self delusional as Trump spreads. We become complacent and accepting of misbehavior because people don’t want to get involved meanwhile get involved. The latest news is indicative of someone being home in the Whitehouse. The news of Osama being killed is good news and I pray it inspires good decisions about leaving Afghanistan and Iraq. We do need to pull back and out of the region. It isn’t our job to police these regions and I think we cannot afford. Suze Orman would loudly agree we cannot afford to police the world. Remember fighting in Afghanistan 12 years ago helped destroy the Soviet Union. It has definitely undermined us here in the USA. Please Mr. President lets seriously reduce and regroup overseas. Lets bring everyone home and could we please protect Mother nature and could you encourage Ethanol funding so we could become more like Brazil and less like China?


Suzi from Ojai said...

Agree, agree, agree!
And that must have been awkward having Gary Busey mauling you (ewww).
And what makes Trump think he could be a "President", now THAT would be scary!!

emullins75 said...

Oh so that's what you meant when I saw you again when you said that Gary came up and gave you big ole hug and kiss... Would have loved to seen your face then. Would it have been another Spike Lee moment.. talk to ya soon
luv ya

glt said...

Rd, yer post weaves it's way thru all possibilities as usual! Please don't be hard on Mr Busey. Gary was an icon of early live tv in Tulsa, along with Gailard Sartain...I'd send you some clips if you were still on fb...he was known as the crazy Okie, Teddy Jack Eddy. Google Mazeppa Popazoidi and the Unfilmy Can Festival...he's a good guy, but he had that motor cycle wreck like an idiot and got his skull crunnched up real bad....that's all.

I hate NBC too... they fired Imus for being a racist when I know he's not...he just hates phonies! Al fucking Roker was a force behind that firing....and probably Keith Oberman's too! I got to give it to guppie-mouth Trump for milking his show for all it's worth times ten! He's a good circus showman is all...

Brian said...

I should have asked you to dance