Friday, April 29, 2011

The gift

The craziness around President Obama is very disturbing the core issue or reason all of it is here is his race. I am very proud he is our leader and he has done a very good job yes there is much to be done and more to achieve but given the other choice of candidate he gets 5 stars, he wins.
One of the biggest gifts he has given the world is the opportunity to experience what it feels like to harassed because of race. It is possible that for the first time many people can along with the President experience what we of color live with every day. The ignorant painful struggle for simple equality; I am so proud he is here and deeply grateful for the experiences we have had to endure these past three years during his Presidency because it has blown wide open the doors of hate and the pain the accompanies it. The President has allowed you and everyone else in on a dirty secret and a not so nice experience. I hope we can come together and evolve out of it, the need to be better than, the need to diminish and make wrong that which is different. I know “good luck with that” still today everyone out there has had a few moments to imagine what it is like to be under attack and belittled because of ones differences. That gift is priceless, because of this those who would never before know get to know what it is like to walk in his shoes and to face the insanity of his worthiness because of the color of his skin, this is a gift.


Dwacon® said...
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Dwacon® said...

[Correcting Original Post]

I was contemplating the parallels between what Obama is facing and what I have faced in my career.

It is amazing to see how universal those experiences I thought were unique really are.

Will there be a positive outcome to all of this?

I hope so... but will not hold my breath.

Charles said...

Hi Rae, I seen some recent tagged pics of you with sis and you were looking gorgeous in black. Looks like Obama is having a pretty good week, with binLaden sleeping with the fishes and all.

glt said...

Now he killed this a good thing? Did the SEALS wrap his body sround a live pig before they dumped it in the sea and piss on it? Does hate live on in Amerka?