Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FreeTV Channel

There is a channel high in the 300’s(on our TV) that is called Free speech TV channel where I watch everything from Al -Jezeera to Democracy Now and other cool non corporate owned media shows also very good documentaries that focus on real people in the real world. So today there was a documentary spot lighting minimum wage earners which was super depressing yet we couldn’t stop watching it. It highlighted something which I find interesting and think very important aside from the obvious things we need in America like revenue streams, like tax for all things that are rich and tax the rich corporations and deplete big oil incentives. What I found was something subtle yet deeply acute; each of us has a need to be comforted and when we cannot create it in a positive healthy way in our private lives we will succumb to illness and fall into a relationship with the medical community which aside from medical advice offers tenderness and attention and sustenance, comfort even as it costs someone or something millions we get deep comfort from our doctors. We are looking for help which is lacking for millions of people, the simple gesture of relief. So I watched as a super stressed out minimum wage earning single mother of three was being written a prescription for anti anxiety pills because her life sucks. The young doctor speaking in soft tones, encouraging her to get on these drugs because he is happy to provide her some relief, she is happy to get his attention as she gladly takes the prescription. I have a million issues with the way we have a pill for every ill and the half life the effects of being strung out on these meds is another HUGE topic that I will address at another time. She is in need for love and comfort and relief and he can give it to her for 15 minutes. What I saw this morning time after time case after case was the very poor getting hugs and attention and relief from doctors. It concerns me because of course to be American means you have the crappiest medical coverage in the world rated number 45th in the world, that’s low …we suck as far as taking care of each other and our citizens and we are strung out, lonely and hyper dependant on drugs ; what a sick circle. Imagine if we had entitlement programs and free education and proper low cost health care and a higher minimum wage and an enforced saving program and so social security was a supplement to our retirement income because every American had a pretty healthy savings account and the credit card industry was reigned in or better yet held accountable so only the people who can afford it had it. Imagine if those people and corporate entities who have paid a real amount of taxes where our entitlement programs didn’t suffer every election cycle. It would be a safer better America. I am certain Canadians are helped tremendously knowing that they can count on their local doctors and that they can get meds if needed for themselves and kids without being homeless because of it. On top of compounded financial misery we have health and mental health stresses how are we ever going to cope or go forward? I have relatives who will be homeless soon, who need mental health care and cannot get it or afford it. Its grim…we are in a very tough spot. It behooves us each to understand what it means to each of us (personally) if they take away entitlements and continue wars that are unwinnable and allow big business to withhold money from the coffers. The average struggling man and woman doesn’t understand that raising taxes for the rich is the only way…but we can always do more and the fine print. So much reform is needed in America and I will say this and I see it is needed. We lack love and care and comfort we need to be kinder and to be better friends and neighbors here we need to help each other and be generous. Life is tough enough without and we each can afford to give and taxes are a great way to start.


emullins75 said...

rae.. you should go on Joy Behr's show and be a guest panelist. You've got so much insite on what is going on and you tell people what it is that they don't want to hear. I agree with ya. I think they should tax the shit out of the rich. I know in my life time, I'm never gonna make millions and if I were too, I would be making sure that I was looking out for the people that need it.
It's just a shame that there are people out there with the money to help others but they don't. Why is that?? Some questions will go unanswered for as long as time goes...

Suzi from Ojai said...

A sick circle, indeed!