Friday, June 22, 2012


I have friends who are family who are smart hyper educated Mormons who are the antithesis of Mitt Romney. Not only do my friends have an opinion that changes only when facts are irrefutably shown to them. Still they have opinions that remain firm regardless of outside pressures. Unlike Mitt they are proud of their church. Nothing in his current public discourse on Immigration has changed my opinion of Mitt as a waffling wuss. What creeps me out more are the fringe gun toting yahoos who seem to be bullying the Republican party worse than Grover and no one is worse than the triad of Grover- Rove and Cheney except the second amendment creeps who think going after Holder is a good idea. It bothers me that we don’t police these asshole better but maybe the FBI or the CIA are on it…the industrial complex that is homeland security hopefully is on it. So much violence and anger in America, it scares me. It is alike George Zimmerman is the poster man for the mindset violence against men and women of color. I think that we need to respect these fringe people who are bombing abortion clinics and bullying politicians and going after policies country wide. Weirdly the very people who are claiming war are creating that very thing, aggressive attack on freedom of choice. The intelligent gentle elite they better reset the thinking because these fringe elements are serious and they are going after “us”. Obama is coming to talk and I am nervous because I live in a small state that is red and they love their guns here. I am going to hear him speak but the secret service better be vigilant. In fact I wish he had a pope mobile. I know silly …and I hope he survives this era of weird polarization. I have strong negative feelings about Republicans especially Mitt dislike is too mild a term. BUT I don’t want to be a bigot against bigots it’s just not right.

Saturday, June 16, 2012


It is so easy to make fun of Sheldon Adelson who is such a yacker sure he has endless financial means to capitalize a campaign but he talks a lot more than he seems to donate. 10 million is just that not 100 million and so why mention it, just do it? I think he brags about his moneyed donations because he isn’t about to part with 100 million but because he is the billionaire casino boss he can act like that bigger spender. You know its cultural he is a very shrewd man who worked hard to get where he is today and he is bloviating. On the other hand the flip flopping done by Romney makes my skin scrawl and although he isn’t the sexual predator that Sandusky is or Rush Limblowhardbag I know what his name is but refuse to say it right…Romney counts on us forgetting and not holding him up to scrutiny so he lies away. Also he does have the eyes of a weirdo; someone who does bad things in private like Sandusky…it’s awkward and gives me the creeps. I still think we need deep focus and continued truth telling from POTUS and a bit of bragging and charts, lots of factual charts to keep the 2 billion dollars strong weirdo right at bay. Landslide in spite of suppression of the votes, attack on all things female and the correction ,correction so we can have trust worthy bridges and yes weed out the gambling banks and financial institutions are addicted to, and put the public sector back to work, now. There I said it. Happy Fathers day.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


There is an ill wind in West Texas a nuclear waste dump that manages to bury under acres of sand and rock waste that will never go away ever, no it will remain radioactive poisoning the ground water under the already fragile drought plagued West Texas, soon to be waste land for millions of years. The billionaire who owns and operates this mess is one of the largest super-pac donors to Mitts campaign. This man wants to be allowed to continue storage of nuclear waste without regulations designed to prevent pollution while protecting fragile aquifers. He doesn’t want the EPA to meddle in his affairs. He wants Romney and his cronies to allow him to be the gigantic polluter although successful business man to flourish. This guy Mr. Hammond is the poster boy for everything wrong in our society. What would be the profile of success in my “perfect world”? In my universe success would be gained with the caveat that my industry either protects vigorous the environment and the local community making both my industry and business mutually productive even if it costs me money in the short run. So if I was extracting something a mineral or substance from the ground I would make sure that the extraction was replaced with an exact replica of whatever we were taking out that we were replacing the weight in a nontoxic way. If this was impossible than we would cease this production, green industry/ energy everywhere, new town civic housing planning get everyone off the oil. It would be law that we could not develop communities without complete off the grid design including growing food. Yup my universe would be crunchy hippie Earth respecting and slow. We would be invested in moving a lot slower or maybe not traveling at all if it meant wasting resources. We would live in community taking care and making money although highly important to our society it would be balanced with a high quality of community and life and love. More would be replaced with best or better…value shifting, emotional connecting, experimental and yet necessary. We need to completely rethink what we do and how we do it and no it isn’t a utopia it is just more humane. The Danish, the Netherlanders are way ahead of us. We need to change the social paradigm. The Greedy people who need more at the expense of the planet will be replaced by people who care about the quality of life. We will cherish real things and not the trap of more is better. Bigger, is not better, better is a quality that encompasses life, relationships,and time, lots of it plus safety and clean water, air and forests. We need to slow way, way down and retrace and decompress from the “lie” of more is better, it isn’t…so try less and discover what is actually best.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Found freedom

Watching Morning Joe I noticed the camera used something special as a transition shot they show a statue of the founder of Chicago who wasn’t Irish or Italian he was Caribbean from Haiti. What it makes me feel is fear…because back in the early 1700’s we people of color enjoyed a modicum of respect and freedom and then the hammer came done. In the late 1800’s but prior to that we were on our way to a more level playing field as Americans. Today with the slimy presidential battle and the graceful Presidency of Obama I feel fear for the back lash that can thrust this country back 150 years in social and political policy. Please…not only is the Romney campaign counting on the elderly voters to vote for him because they distrust the Black man but the lies they are spreading, the distortions make me nervous. Every day the Obama campaign need to put a liar’s board up in Times Square listing the untruths being spread by the Republicans, like the debt board just post the list as it keeps growing of the lies. I know people are confident he will win…but I think that is folly. I don’t trust the process and I do believe Jim Crow is closer to being law again than any of us can imagine. It doesn’t seem possible but Nazism didn’t seem possible in pre World War two Europe which is why so many intelligent people got on those trains. Trusting that people were decent when in fact they were hideous monsters taking men and women who were doctors, lawyers, women and children to their deaths, monsters like Rush and Michelle Bachman and Santorum and others on the crazy right long for days when we were enslaved. It is in their rhetoric it is in every speech the ghost of dark days past. We are under attack and for every accomplishment we seem to make it seems eternally we will have to be vigilant against those that cannot control their fears and therefore wish censorship and loss of liberty and God forbid life for all minorities in America and women. It’s unimaginable but possible and this chills me to the bone.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Legalize it!

As the first daughter of a drug God ;Tommy Chong I can promise you that if the United States of America legalized all illicit drugs; Pot , meth , coke all psychedelics that it would fill our debt coffers getting us instantly out of debt and it would solve all if our social ills regarding vice. Once the human being is allowed anything it instantly loses its glamour. So yes; legalize all of it including heroin, and watch the number of addicts drop precipitously. Once something is made legal it loses its sex appeal. I promise YOU!