Friday, June 22, 2012


I have friends who are family who are smart hyper educated Mormons who are the antithesis of Mitt Romney. Not only do my friends have an opinion that changes only when facts are irrefutably shown to them. Still they have opinions that remain firm regardless of outside pressures. Unlike Mitt they are proud of their church. Nothing in his current public discourse on Immigration has changed my opinion of Mitt as a waffling wuss. What creeps me out more are the fringe gun toting yahoos who seem to be bullying the Republican party worse than Grover and no one is worse than the triad of Grover- Rove and Cheney except the second amendment creeps who think going after Holder is a good idea. It bothers me that we don’t police these asshole better but maybe the FBI or the CIA are on it…the industrial complex that is homeland security hopefully is on it. So much violence and anger in America, it scares me. It is alike George Zimmerman is the poster man for the mindset violence against men and women of color. I think that we need to respect these fringe people who are bombing abortion clinics and bullying politicians and going after policies country wide. Weirdly the very people who are claiming war are creating that very thing, aggressive attack on freedom of choice. The intelligent gentle elite they better reset the thinking because these fringe elements are serious and they are going after “us”. Obama is coming to talk and I am nervous because I live in a small state that is red and they love their guns here. I am going to hear him speak but the secret service better be vigilant. In fact I wish he had a pope mobile. I know silly …and I hope he survives this era of weird polarization. I have strong negative feelings about Republicans especially Mitt dislike is too mild a term. BUT I don’t want to be a bigot against bigots it’s just not right.


Rich Pinnick said...

You would really have to believe that the GOP is in dire straits, ever since Big Ronnie the B-movie star. Big Bush, Lil Bush, Johnny Boy MCcain, and now dizzy ass Mitt, is this the best that they can do? i am not too pleased with President Obama's 1st term either, but seeing how the cards were stacked against him from day one, i will cut him a little slack. It's almost like the last four years could have actually been a republican term.

We are still blowing innocent people's bodies apart as they sleep. Now we don't even have the balls to do it man-to-man we must resort to using a big toy airplane.If we are looking for SUSPECTED criminals does that mean kill everyone in the area. We appear to have turned into the same murderers we are chasing. We have murdered far more than the 911 death toll. Soldiers dying is one thing, but if continued killing of innocents doesn't cease President Obama can kiss my vote good-bye.

Rich Pinnick said...

Sorry i needed a smoke break but it really is a scary time in America just to imagine a social racist like Mitt can possibly get elected. He will certainly pour fuel on our already tense situation. You have to know that the 1% will recieve even more goodies. Whenever the Occupy Movement finally gains the support it deserves, there might be a regime change in America. Our own security forces will do the same as Khadafi's did. Do you think some other country will supply weapons and advisors to the resistance? The ANGER in our country is boiling over on all levels. It won't take much to ignite it all into a very bad situation. Not a Civil War, but a Social War is brewing. You might see a little old lady fighting right alongside a gangster alongside a skinhead. People are not feeling very well with today's government. We need to wake up and rely not only on the view of our usual sell-out media outlets, look at the big picture.

Dwane T. said...

“The intelligent gentle elite they better reset the thinking because these fringe elements are serious and they are going after ‘us’.”

They’re not going to reset their thinking, because this is the effect they want. You have Democrats touting what is “right”, and Republicans touting what is “American”. But the Dems are failing at getting what is right because they are approaching it from a position of weakness/softness. Obama and Pelosi spent the first two years of this administration saying “Come on guys… let’s play fair and work together”. They were willing to ask for right, but not willing to fight for it. The Repubs have been much more successful at getting people to want to do anything that is considered American, but by doing it in a “You’re either for us or your against us” way they have divided the country. Jingoism/patriotism makes people follow blindly. When you want people to elect you even though you plan to do them no good, that blind devotion to idealism above facts is what you need. You control the pure emotion of the fringe groups, and you always have a support base.

The second value of having these fringe groups is they love the weapon of mass distraction that all of this hatred is causing. In the 1800’s, the KKK was a group of poor folks who were riled up and given the liberty to go outside the law by rich folks. It kept the poor white folks and the Black folks busy., so no one could focus on the rich folks redistributing the post Civil War US. Using that same tactic of having them go after us… with “us” now being expanded to include anyone who does not agree with or reflect the thinking of “them”… they are achieving the same mass distraction.

The government has been so good at stopping Obama assassination attempts that I believe they realize he is more valuable, and his influence is more controllable, as a target of hatred (mass distraction) than as a martyr. Mitt is such a horrible candidate for president that the hope has to be that Obama does the same thing the other Republicans did… do something to destroy his own candidacy so Romney looks like a more “acceptable” option. A man that claims he will be a great president because of his business experience and governorship doesn’t want to talk about his business activities or his programs as governor. It’s obvious that the Republicans are afraid to run their best and brightest because they don’t want to scare off their loyal fringe of hateful hicks. Romney, as Bush II was before him, are the like Greg Brady on the Brady Bunch becoming Johnny Bravo. They fit the (Republican) suit., but it isn’t really their voice you hear.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Yes and although the drone strikes are abhorrent to me I do believe he is in a no win situation. We need to get out of Afghanistan NOW it is insulting to imagine our own cities crumbling and our own education standards so low and our very health at stake and yet billions wasted building roads in a countries for no reason? It is exactly what "they " wanted to do to us. They being Osama and his cronies. Romney is the worst and his mental ill health just reflects the worst and the rich and entitled. Pray for us because we need it and get off your asses and VOTE for Obama.