Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Recently someone suggested I write or comment on big business influencing policy. It is a sad fact one that Joe Pulitzer railed against over 100 years ago. He warned us to beware when corporation dictate policy. He said and it has played out that it will be the beginning of the end of that society. When you measure the response of our so called allies regarding our position in the global picture in both commerce and regarding national security, I am still waiting for someone to explain to me why we are the self elected world police. I think if everyone of our allies is cool with it than I think we here in America should charge for the service otherwise I for one want out of the war business. So it seems we are stuck in the middle holding the proverbial can which all of our allies are side stepping instead of donating and helping cover the costs as we bolster internally our own importance in the so called global war on terror. This is an expensive proposition. It is like Oprah the so called false conflict resolution we witnessed the other day. Where was the reveal where was the honesty? Nowhere because not one of those woman wanted to express what was going on. Why they didn’t connect because we or they didn’t want to be the first to cop to the ill will. When Whoopie asked Oprah what the deal was Oprah said there was no deal. Maybe true…I think if there was no deal then why wasn’t Whoopie included in any of her shows previously? It’s so obvious that there is “something” going on. There is a lot going on in the Universe of Oprah many of us on that couch have been vivisected by Oprah. Completely gutted in violent, permanently damaging ways, still no one has the guts or ability to face the, the HUGE Corporation called Oprah Inc. The huge juggernaut that makes up OPRAH has become THE behemoth the frightening power center that someone as historically bold like Whoopie is silenced in front of. We all are and everyone in our spheres is silenced as well. Too bad for you and me, no one will stand up to her except maybe Angelina Jolie and Kitty Kelly. I am not sure it was a good idea to do the show. In fact I should have never done the movie. To late…all done. The real issue here is lack of opportunity, lack of quality roles and lack of financing. It is fascinating how controlled we are by money. It is the lubrication that is the driving force in this society and in our life all at our peril. Pursuit of it like a cancer eats away at our integrity.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Refueling…is essential in a single engine plane and especially if one is traversing the continent going from the East Coast to the West Coast. La Junta Colorado is a perfect stop over because the Rocky Mountains are the lowest. We have stopped there a few times and one thing I noticed the first trip there (overnight) was that aside form an ominous boy’s prison that seemed oddly prominent. There were a lot of single solo guys who looked “lurky, or predatory” eating alone at the local dining establishment making me comment that the town felt like a pedophiles paradise. Boy’s prison and desolate location perfect for the corrupt prison guards to pimp the children out. Older men alone yet who seem to be there for a reason other than the isolated environment that is this dust bowl called La Junta. Okay? So then today on television this creep who has published a guide on pedophilia happens to be from a town very close to La junta in Pueblo Colorado. It all makes sense. There is a connection…this is a dark spot in southern Colorado where it is weirdly isolated and I think bad things happen to very young boys. I think in fact it is a big slimy operation and my beloved boyfriend always respects my “sixth sense” and my radar or sixth sense was going crazy with warning. Bad things are happening there. So today when I heard about this weirdo who is peddling his book and he is from that area I go YES! That place that area is full of “them “pedophiles…I don’t condone it and I think it’s off. I especially am suspect of any kind of incarceration of children especially boys…we need to investigate that boys prison in La junta Colorado now and I am not joking…unthinkable things are going on there you wait and see I am right! This pedophile author is just the tip of the iceberg. There are wealthy prominent men who fly in on their private jets to La Junta to visit this creepy prison…someone please look into it! I am on to something, sadly.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Dropping the ball

Dropping the ball, I seem to do this in my life in small and not so small ways and it irks me. I was criticizing Oprah (my new past time) about what I perceive as a lackadaisical effort toward media integration. I think I may be too harsh on her. Something tells me I don’t know the whole story maybe she has tried to introduce the world to the wonders of all things ethnic and been rebuffed? Has she? Not so sure. I know a lot of her accolytes are successful; Rachel Ray, Dr. Phil, Dr Oz, Nate Berkus but fascinatingly none are of color. Yesterday my friend mentioned Gayle’s show? What show was that it came and went so fast? Maybe it’s too close to home I said maybe she is afraid to back any woman of color because she wants to be the best and brightest in THAT category. It may be as simple as that. So she can afford to support everything else and see it to success because she is the only example she’ll allow in the “color” category maybe? So maybe it’s deeper than just having dropped the ball. I still wonder why she is the only cover girl on her magazine. I know she has shared the duties but she is still it. Apparently her company explains the magazine doesn’t sell without her face on its cover. I don’t know maybe that is true. Still I feel there is a dirty spot in the otherwise clean sheet and it’s secret. My friend who knows Oprah as well as anyone says she is extremely complicated in her treatment of woman of color and beauty. So it is, so she is like any Empress she keeps her competition down. I guess it works and is very smart, very smart indeed. Must take note…keep my competition down. Although I can’t, I don’t have the ability. Years ago I was asked why I didn’t have more hot girlfriends hanging around. Why I didn’t like Hugh Hefner have a gaggle of bimbettes just hanging out eager to be befriended by my hunky guy friends. I laughed because it was true a lot of my friends where real people who looked normal and some of them were maybe even physically unattractive some were hot…but not all of my friends were hot that is for sure. At that moment in my life my relationship was fragile and my man was a dog who loved to screw my girlfriends. So men you wonder why some of us don’t have hot girlfriends, okay? On the other hand everyone wants something honestly would all of those girls be hanging at Hefs without Playboy magazine as a draw? Hef is a doll but it’s the magnetic pull of possible Hollywood fame that attracts the babies, buff bodies and all. So I understand Oprah more. It is human nature I suppose, that we need to rule. If you see hot people clustered together there is some force something that is attracting them…and it’s usually the chance at something big like a part or a rich husband. Maybe or maybe they are athletes? I notice fit people tend to be quite handsome, maybe it’s because they use their bodies and it makes them handsome. We all want something its nature at her finest, she makes us desire. Religions have it wrong when they say “rid yourself of desire” I need desire to wake up every day, to move my body to live. It animates me…it propels my universe. I also like competition I enjoy the challenges of my smarter than me friends and the edge I walk in my career. I used to resent it but I am starting to understand it. I get why we should be thinner it looks better on camera and it’s all about beauty. I may not be successful at controlling my hunger/s but I get why it is desired to be stick thin for the cameras. The trick for me is learning to love that sensation of being hungry…feeding off it. I am certain I will die unsuccessful in this. I am certain I will always be just that much over weight. I don’t like to feel pain and to keep my body sharp edged means pain. Who cares there is more to life this than that; I know…I know trust me. Still I am trying to find a way to honor my animal athletic self. I am certain America has it wrong in its support of aging, babying ourselves, we need to move every single day, we need to be outside and we need to be in nature a lot. Every other hour should have us stretching and lifting heavy. It’s true…we were meant to move. We were meant to be fast and supple and tough for decades…like those fabulous Papua New Guinea men and woman. I can see myself at 70 naked with a lean muscular body, bone in my nose chasing after a flag in the over 60 naked marathon for woman in New Hampshire. Can’t you? My New Year resolution; have friends who are hot (to me) be outside more and when possible (safe) be naked.

Monday, November 8, 2010

Okay, call me crazy...

Okay call me crazy…no I will call me crazy. CRAZY, I had so much fun at Oprah this week. It was a surprise and a blast to see everyone. Especially Willard and Akosua, oh and honestly Whoopie was wonderful too…must get her details so I can visit her again in NYC. Something monumental occurred to me. Imagine being a normal person with an okay career in broadcast than suddenly thrust upon the world stage and given a platform to reach millions everyday for 25 plus years, it will it has to change you. The influx of energy is enormous and I can’t imagine how difficult it is to get accustomed to the life style change there is no operating manual. It never occurred to me to look at her Oprah this way. I have held her separate from my heart because I felt her creepiness as petty and vile. When I look at my inner judgment toward her I see perfectly that I was all of those things to her as well, in equal parts. Look it wasn’t intimate there was no dinner at her home kind of thing believe you me there was a wall of security around her…it made me appreciate my entire path, my life. It gave me giggles almost seeing how lucky I am, how blessed. Oh sure you say how could I not know all of this. I watch how people forgive someone their aberrant behaviors because they are wealthy…I watch us forgive her because she is so powerful and it has always felt wrong. Yet I am going to say I see her better having had a moment on her stage. I watched her closely, I held her hand at one point or two, I felt her almost nervously try to be down, or a wee bit normal. Normal is never going to be for her. She will never be able to go anywhere without it being freakishly uncomfortable. Everywhere she goes someone will be squealing, screaming and having had a bit of that nonsense done to myself nothing is more bizarre than someone yelling at the top of their lungs because they recognize you. Not nice and definitely annoying. She gets no free pass. Nowhere on planet Earth can she escape scrutiny. So I see and get the strange paranoia the inhuman like behavior, the selfishness and the greed and the insecurities…oh my. So what I take away from my sojourn in Chicago is that I have been spared. God bless us…xo