Thursday, November 11, 2010


Refueling…is essential in a single engine plane and especially if one is traversing the continent going from the East Coast to the West Coast. La Junta Colorado is a perfect stop over because the Rocky Mountains are the lowest. We have stopped there a few times and one thing I noticed the first trip there (overnight) was that aside form an ominous boy’s prison that seemed oddly prominent. There were a lot of single solo guys who looked “lurky, or predatory” eating alone at the local dining establishment making me comment that the town felt like a pedophiles paradise. Boy’s prison and desolate location perfect for the corrupt prison guards to pimp the children out. Older men alone yet who seem to be there for a reason other than the isolated environment that is this dust bowl called La Junta. Okay? So then today on television this creep who has published a guide on pedophilia happens to be from a town very close to La junta in Pueblo Colorado. It all makes sense. There is a connection…this is a dark spot in southern Colorado where it is weirdly isolated and I think bad things happen to very young boys. I think in fact it is a big slimy operation and my beloved boyfriend always respects my “sixth sense” and my radar or sixth sense was going crazy with warning. Bad things are happening there. So today when I heard about this weirdo who is peddling his book and he is from that area I go YES! That place that area is full of “them “pedophiles…I don’t condone it and I think it’s off. I especially am suspect of any kind of incarceration of children especially boys…we need to investigate that boys prison in La junta Colorado now and I am not joking…unthinkable things are going on there you wait and see I am right! This pedophile author is just the tip of the iceberg. There are wealthy prominent men who fly in on their private jets to La Junta to visit this creepy prison…someone please look into it! I am on to something, sadly.


La Junta said...

Thanks for visiting La Junta. I wanted to send you some info on our City ( and ( and invite you to come and see what a great place it is to visit. To give you some information and background, CBR YouthConnect ( was founded in 1959 and is a national residential treatment facility that provides accredited mental health services and education to at-risk boys, ages 10 to 21, from across the United States. Located on 340 acres, CBR YouthConnect serves youth who have coexisting psychiatric, behavioral and educational problems that prevent them from successfully functioning in their homes, schools and communities. CBR YouthConnect’s mission is to achieve excellence in providing troubled youth with the means to become hopeful and productive citizens.

I encourage you to come back to La Junta and see the wonderful things we have to offer including the Koshare Indian Museum, Bent’s Fort National Historic Site, the Otero Museum and much more. Feel free to contact me with any questions or if you would like additional information on the City of La Junta; Pamela Denahy (, City of La Junta Events Coordinator.

amber said...
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amber said...

WOW! so I was randomly directed to this blog by someone who knows I am from La Junta. And to be honest, I am offended. I understand the idea of humor and sarcasim, but Lady, you take it way too far! Too publically state that this amazing town is involved in something this serious and horrible is beyond rude and ignorant! I believe that you are making assumptions based on your own self-indulgent perceptions. I would highly recommend that you actually find out what you are talking about before making statements like this again!

And not only are you disgracing the town, you have also made some horrible assumptions about a respected organization. I would encouage you to find out some information about the Colorado Boys Ranch (or this boys prison, as you incorrectly assume it to be) and the amazing work that they actually do. I know from direct and first hand experience that this place works in the best interests of youth and they are working to improve the lives of children. You however, seem to believe that people who work for children are harming them.

I do not understand where your lack of knowledge or respect comes from, but I strongly suggest you fix this error in your thinking. Thank you!

Kristin said...

Reading your blog makes me ill. What a horrible judgement you have put on an entire community of people who you know nothing about. I can't believe that a woman with your experiences in life actually judges an entire town by speculation and a book that someone wrote from a city 60 miles away with no connection to our town. La Junta is a beautiful place full of loving families and children who thrive in life. The area is rich in culture and history. The Colorado Boys Ranch is a program with many success stories. I can't believe that having lunch in our town makes you feel you have insight to thinking that we are full of child molestors. Probably the men you saw eating at lunch time are hard working field workers and farmers. I would of thought that we as Americans have come closer to a day and age of not judging people before you know the full story. I love La Junta, it has been a wonderful place to raise my children, it has been a community who has opened their arms to people of every race and persons of different socio econimic backgrounds. Perhaps you should come back to La Junta, and open your eyes.

Diane said...
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Diane said...

I cannot comment on the post because I’m not from La Junta nor have any knowledge on the boys home or institution….

Kristin said, “I would of thought that we as Americans have come closer to a day and age of not judging people before you know the full story.” As a Black American, America is far from judgment against race, age, sex, and disability. If it wasn’t for laws prevent discrimination such as the civil rights movement Black Americans would still be hanging from trees, and living under Jim Crow laws. Unfortunately Gay men and Lesbians still have no legal rights and set in judgment everyday. Is judgment fair…no, but I live with judgment everyday, getting passed over from a job… as I watch the Caucasian interview wipe the black off their hands after shacking mine. I am judge because of my nappy hair, and thick lips….I am judge….my black ass can’t blend in white America like Jennifer Beals… Again is judgment fair…NO, do we like being judge…NO….DO ALL OF US JUDGE OTHERS…YES.

White Americans often think things are better or getting better…IT’S NOT. The big difference between now and then is, it’s not popular to be an open bigot. Since the bigots have to stay invisible they screw people over in other ways…and get around the law with bullshit excesses.

Suzi from Ojai said...

There is a lot to be said about gut feelings or a "sixth sense". I also live in a beautiful small town that has amazing views and wonderful people. But the fact is, there are pedophiles who live way too close to elementary schools here. The gut feelings may not always be right, but what would happen if no one said anything at all about what they may be feeling? There are many people who don't want to get involved and bad things continue to happen. I can understand how people want to defend their town and business. However, had you been following these blogs for awhile, you would understand that Rae Dawn has a lot of good things to say as well. She depended on her gut feeling/sixth sense at one other time in her life that possibly kept her from being killed by a known murderer! Not to say who's right and who's wrong. Just that people have a right to be concerned and if there is nothing bad going on in a facility, then they shouldn't have any problem with it being "looked into". Maybe if it is just to ease their minds.

amber said...

Diane, it sounds like you are saying it is ok to judge sometimes. I agree that there is still judgment in America and that judgments based on race, sexual orientation, gender, religion, physical abilities or anything else should never be allowed. Believe me, if you actually knew anything about me, you would that I would be the first one to jump to fight bigotry and prejudice. But it sounds like you are saying it is ok to judge white people or any person that is not like you. It is ok to judge white people and straight people. As long as no one judges YOU, then it is ok, because they probably deserve it. Let me suggest a new point of view for you: Every person in this entire world goes through hard times. They all have struggles. Their struggles might look different than yours but every person still deserves respect and an unbiased opportunity to succeed. The next time you see someone that is different than you, take a second and evaluate the judgments you are placing on them. Think about the judgments that you are using, especially the subconscious ones, because they can still cause harm to other people.
Suzi, I believe that using your sixth sense is good. I also depend on it often. But when I have a sixth sense about a large group or a sixth sense that could potentially cause a lot of damage, I don’t post it on the internet and try to sell it as the truth. The things that Ms. Chong said could be extremely harmful to an entire town and an organization. Maybe if she has these sixth senses, she should mention it to someone who can look into it or she should go visit the place and see what it is actually like. Before Ms. Chong makes broad, blanket statements about things, she should actually look into what she is saying. I know that there could be pedophiles in La Junta, but to say that the entire town is full of pedophiles and the only reason they are there is because of a boys prison? I think that is just rude and she should learn something before she says this kind of stuff. Also, I realize that I don’t follow this blog and I have not read anything else that she has written, but I am almost afraid of what else she is going to say after this post.

Diane said...
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Diane said...

Amber either you did not read what wrote or did not understood… I wasn’t saying its okay to judge people… I said it wasn’t fair to judge and we all judge people, its human nature. I did not write anything negative about homosexuals… I said unfortunately they have no legal rights and is judge daily. I believe homosexual’s has the right to get married, adopt children, and be treated equally. I also believe men and women or born homosexuals, and it not a lifestyle choice. I was giving an example of experiences during multiple job interviews.

I consider myself a Black American but I also have Chinese, Mexican, and Native American in my blood. I don’t have issues with Caucasians but some not all can’t handle dealing with racism or even talking about it. I’ve notice the people around me get embarrassed or defensive. I’m not accusing people today of what happen yesterday. I believe in talking about the unspeakable is educational for everyone. If we communicate with each other we will learn to accept and respect each other culture, religion, or deference’s.

I don’t know you and you don’t know me… if you disagree with what I write… it’s your constitutional right. It’s not my way or the high way… that’s your perception…judgment of me. I’m not trying to push my point-of-view on anyone just speaking my mind.

FYI: All through high school Black American students called me white girl because of the way I spoke and dressed… I wasn’t ethnic enough for them… Was it right no… did I care…no. I was basically trying to say all Americas judge people…and we are no closer to equality of all mankind unless we open up and communicate…. Rae Dawn statement got us communicating.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

In fairness to a small town in the southern part of Colorado, La Junta where we refuel on occasion and where there is a facitlity for boys and where there are great and even good people and wonderful cattle ranches and ranchers and schools, and a thriving community. My apologies for giving the impression that what I was speaking about was to encompass everyone and everything in that small place. It was not nor should anyone read it as such....where I error is in not stating these obvious things "first" that it is a town made up of good hard working people. Not just "pedophiles and imprisoned children". That the facility for boys which I carefully did not name by name. It is my imagination putting or connecting things I witnessed there. I noticed the odd number of single older men who happen to be where I was the two days I spent there. No I can't tell you exactly what they did or where doing and I never once in my assessment said I did know. It was just a "feeling" and according to the anger posted here one I am not allowed to express? Wow, how un American of you. I am not saying or would ever say that THE WHOLE town is in on this or is aware of anything remotely having to do with this "hunch"...I only mentioned that once upon a time in a small town far away there was a few odd things I noticed. I mentioned that recently there is a published pedophile who happens to live in Pueblo Colo. which is quite close to La Junta. Did I say all of Pueblo is made up of pedophiles or that La Junta is? No, I did not...but I bet no one would ever dig deep enough into what could still be a very real threat and sad occurrance at the "boys mental" facility because some people only care about their reputations and the towns reputation. I understand that its big money...again it wasn't an imformed assessment it was a hunch. I am not one to say it is fact. It is just the blog, my blog giving my two cents. I didn't say La Junta is in on anything awful I said when I was there I noticed a few La Junta.
I apologize for not stating that in fact there could be wonderful places and things in La Junta like every town can possess in America and like every town big or small bad thinsg are going on too.

Forgive me for putting together an opinion on something using my "hunch" a mystical sixth sixth sense.

Dwane T. said...

No need to ask for forgiveness Rae. You said what your issue was very clearly. Some of your readers read themselves into the post rather than focusing on what the post said. Those who dissented with your gut feeling brought up the beauty of the community, but nothing about the prison. They brought up the great people there, but not the visitors who pass through by truck, car or plane. They addressed their issues, not yours.

Human trafficking is the #2 business in the world after child trafficking. Statistics show that 9.5 out of 10 males in juvenile detention homes are abused. Well, it is not a leap to think that if there is a market for young boys, and a captured audience of them, then, IT IS LOGICAL TO CHECK OUT THE PRISON TO SEE IF THERE IS A PROBLEM.

I've been working with SCT Now, to fight child trafficking and sexual assault of children for some time now. I found out last week that my God-daughter's son was being sexually assaulted at his daycare. So La Junta, and all your residents, if it can happen to anyone under regular circumstances, why can't it happen at your prison. Me thinks though doth protest too much. But hey probe me wrong... prove Ms. Chong wrong... check out the prison. Find out why businessmen visit a youth prison. Then come back and post. Until then you really don't need to say anything, just post a brochure.

Thank you Rae. Hopefully you'll get this type or response on your next post about big business manipulating the government... you know, something that doesn't involve hurt feelings.

Charles said...

Any strange lights out there?