Monday, May 28, 2012

Octo-puss and Rush

I have a solution for both the Octomom and the religious pro-choicers they should merge. I keep thinking something has to happen to help Ms Octomom out with her 14 children and the crazy anti abortionists who seem hell bent on destroying woman’s lives. Unless you have been pregnant with a child you have tried to avoid conceiving you should not be able to vote into law any bills preventing a woman from choosing to terminate a pregnancy. It is a sin to vote against pro-choice because unless you can walk in her shoes stay out of her business. That is my position on abortion rights. We need to have the choice. The Octomom needs assistance and I think if the pro lifers want a gig, a reason to exist that actually "helps society" they should adopt that woman and her 14 children all of whom need financial help. 14 reasons to be proud, they could make sure the 14 children prosper. I think Rush Limbaugh should be the biggest donor of all since he would dub the Octomom a slut anyway and this way since he is a childless gas bag he could do something positive for society instead of spreading lies and racial divisiveness. Rush could make sure 14 souls make it through life without incidence and maybe contribute to society. I don’t think pro-lifers understand biology or the many different aspects of fertility and obviously the Ocotomom has no outward signs of sanity because who would bring 14 children into the world without any support? So the two should merge and become an example of crazy doing something good.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Supreme BS...

There is something sinister about the push back from the Republican party against President Obama that reeks of history, a dark stain in history. The case of Plessey Vs. Ferguson June 7th 1890 the case of one man who refused to sit in the “colored” car of a train in Louisiana. The case made it’s way to the supreme court where the court ruled against his right to sit where he wanted. Today the Republican party and it’s thinly veiled resistance against everything this President has achieved or would like to achieve hearkens back to that point in our history which was crucial in early America when slavery teetered on being outlawed only to be fortified and kept for another 100 years or so. Jim crow and segregation laws maintained inequality even if the plantations and chains were dismantled. You take the current suppression of the vote in many states and it is easy to feel the spirit of that same evil where one group of citizens suppresses another because they can and they are the ruling class. It is strange to imagine that someone like a Richard Pierce of Arizona the proponent of SB70 the anti immigration bill who it has been shown has a direct link to white supremacists groups could flourish in local politics and not be forced to resign and stay out of public office. This same monster is associated with prisons where the majority of the inmates are brown skinned ethnic men. Isn’t our current prison system and justice bias against men of color another Jim Crow? Isn’t it just more racism and slavery in the present day? So where we make strides (voting in our first African American president) we then suffer a severe push back, a push back that allowed Michelle Bachman to wax poetic about the glory days when we African Americans worked on Plantations and according to her African American families were more intact then, than they were today.What a crock of ignorant insensitive bull.It make me scream whenever I see her take the microphone because her ignorance is shared by many lazy uniformed people in the middle fly over states and it scares me. Her brand of racism is what ails America today. Lack of information and a need to dominate and suppress. Maybe it is human nature and we will always have to fight the tide of suppression like a virus or mold it lingers and takes root if we take our attention away from it. We must stay vigilant. Growing up in Canada as a young black child my family was mixed and the only people of color that were close to me was my sister and mother and everyone wasn’t black. So we were teased as little girls and made to feel bad for being a beautiful shade of brown. So much were we teased that my sister took to wearing an angora sweater on her head to mimic having hair that moved “like Cher’s”. When were were older our father whose exposure to African American men was mainly musicians or pimps because he had night clubs and shady guys frequented them. So he made it his mission to scare me and my sister off men of color because his shaggy gang of thugs didn’t represent anything wholesome and in his twisted mind he was helping his little girls. As an adult I never allowed myself to integrate that part of my racial heritage and I know my love life would have been more diverse and I would have welcomed it had I not been frightened as a child against the very type of man I would today come to adore and love.To me it is a sad missing whole in my heart that we were sequestered away from our own heritage for no good reason. The African Canadian men are not all violent or wife beating thugs. It is so sad that we weren’t exposed early on to what is true that there are infinite examples of truly wonderful men and woman of a rainbow of colors. So the burden of raising our children to ensure they have diverse friends, and that we as adults diversify our own inner landscape. That we welcome differences. Politically I am friends with people who are republican I don’t hold it against anyone to be who they are even if it differs greatly from my own beliefs. I personally don’t think this Supreme court is trustworthy. Gore vs Bush was the moment I knew they were corrupt. I wish they were held to account like they do in Singapore. If a justice is found to be open to bribery or whatever they are executed within a week. They don’t mess around over there you will be dead in 7 days of being found guilty. So the justices are held to a very high standard and I am certain even with that lofty threat there are crooked judges. I don’t trust this court and I don’t like half of them I do feel Justice Thomas is too closely affiliated with the Heritage foundation via his wife, so he should be removed.We fancy we have come a long way but everyday I can see where we have not and I quake in fear. Citizen united ruling will be remembered as the ruling that killed democracy. Get a photo ID and register to vote, be vigilant because we are under attack and the unthinkable is possible. God help us all.