Monday, May 28, 2012

Octo-puss and Rush

I have a solution for both the Octomom and the religious pro-choicers they should merge. I keep thinking something has to happen to help Ms Octomom out with her 14 children and the crazy anti abortionists who seem hell bent on destroying woman’s lives. Unless you have been pregnant with a child you have tried to avoid conceiving you should not be able to vote into law any bills preventing a woman from choosing to terminate a pregnancy. It is a sin to vote against pro-choice because unless you can walk in her shoes stay out of her business. That is my position on abortion rights. We need to have the choice. The Octomom needs assistance and I think if the pro lifers want a gig, a reason to exist that actually "helps society" they should adopt that woman and her 14 children all of whom need financial help. 14 reasons to be proud, they could make sure the 14 children prosper. I think Rush Limbaugh should be the biggest donor of all since he would dub the Octomom a slut anyway and this way since he is a childless gas bag he could do something positive for society instead of spreading lies and racial divisiveness. Rush could make sure 14 souls make it through life without incidence and maybe contribute to society. I don’t think pro-lifers understand biology or the many different aspects of fertility and obviously the Ocotomom has no outward signs of sanity because who would bring 14 children into the world without any support? So the two should merge and become an example of crazy doing something good.

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mario said...

agree we have some ole way o thinking that needs to go, outdated and wen u think about it could add to hardship in ones life