Monday, January 21, 2013

My big beautiful African American President!

Today the second inauguration of the president Barack Hussein Obama I was struck by a disturbing vision of young black boys strung up and swinging from trees, lynched in the Jim Crow era and not always in the nasty South. Some where lynched up north too don’t fool yourself the North has blood on it’s hands too…this wasn’t that long ago and yet it is as fresh a pain, a misery and horror as if it were today. My how far we have come and yet how far we still have to go. I am heartened that he mentioned “Stonewall” too a very important site that signifies gay America. This is vital to the emotional growth of America. We must be tolerant and we must educate and become more so. We have much to be proud of and mainly let us celebrate winning this last election, because it was brutal. So many differing groups pitted together to stop President Obama still every day I am afraid for his well being. God help us... Nonetheless we are lucky he is in office and we are a part of it. I have good friends who are not fans of his who wanted Hillary and feel he isn't lefty enough. They have a point we can always work harder and be better! Today... Let’s enjoy this moment because we know it too will change. God Bless Barack H. Obama, God bless America!