Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Yes, we need to make ALL illegal drugs legal…we need to tax and create environments where both drugs and prostitution are practiced in safe and well monitored establishments so that people who work in this business are safe and so are the patrons. Wow the idea that a society can finally come to terms with its community and allow us to individually decide what we do to our bodies in private. This is an important step to our evolution as a whole. The drug war is an enormous failure and will continue to fail as long as we believe the rhetoric that it is winnable. Nothing is further from the truth, all wars are intrinsically flawed. The reality is that those of us who can don’t feel motivated to be excessive about drugs and those of us who cannot control ourselves can get proper help or die. The truth is the law doesn’t deter us from doing things that are bad what deters us is free will and help. We can afford one pay health care if we have new larger tax revenue which we would have if all illegal drugs were legal and regulated. Ahhhh heaven okay maybe not heaven but it is mature more mature then being treated like children. Apparently it is a scientific statistic (IE;The Netherlands)that if drugs are made available it does not make the use go up or higher(no pun intended) in fact it appears that legalized drugs create a drop in use. So some of us conspiracy people think that, that is the truest reason drugs have stayed illegal for this long. It keeps demand sexy and popular. Let’s legalize all of it. I am willing as a citizen to try this experiment out. So let’s hope we get a very open discussion regarding drugs in general now that some of these states have won legalization. Let us not go backward. Then we can begin(again)funding mental hospitals with the state of the art facilities that will help keep clear our streets of homeless souls who are in need of monitored care. When the Reagan administration gutted mental health out of the federal budget it flushed many souls out into the streets. We need to gather them back inside to safety. A society that ignores or doesn’t help it’s citizens is indeed a poor society. So much good would come of this move and I hope between Obama and the President of Mexico we can accomplish this. It is worth it.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Checking in...

Okay it has been a glorious post election holiday season and it definitely feels better to be victors, thank you. We have a lot of work to do and it all feels bubbly and exciting. Yes for me personally I have a couple of challenging projects one I am certain will be a challenge the other less so but still I am grateful to be working. Also with “The Celebrant “ we are doing crowd funding for the first time and whenever I try something new it is both exciting and scary and humbling. One is never allowed to get fat or grow old if one was ever a siren…so it feels as if I have to constantly work out which I happen to love to do as well as watch what I eat which I happen to have to since I am pre-diabetic and suffer from Hashimoto’s disease and arthritis… Ahhh good times. It could be worse and yes I am grateful I get to play competitive tennis and run my dog in the woods. Life is good if not a wee bit stressful at times. Finally go to www.radonsport.com and have a look at the race car my husband designed. He is under a lot of stress since the SCCA decided to make The Radon illegal. Why pick on us? What a bunch of bull…maybe it isn’t meant to be but they couldn’t be more wrong and the car isn’t unsafe and in fact the new rule changes are strange and personal and seriously let’s hope these guys get smarter and change their minds.Change or innovation is a good thing and it is American and it is all about fair trade. I feel confident we will survive this drama and everything will work out in our favor. Here is hoping the holidays are filled with love and laughter and may all of us get our wildest dreams and wishes. Peace!

Thursday, November 15, 2012

We worked hard to get Obama re-elected and it worked. Living in a swing state sort of upped the ante to getting involved in the campaign. One cannot sit by and expect results when the very state one lives in is small and potent to the process. A funny thing happened on the way to this election a sleeping community organizer was born. Unlike any other person I know in Hollywood where it is expected if one is "Liberal"to get involved. Where I live it isn't even a 'thing" a lot of my so called concerned friends barely showed up. Being engaged takes energy and a lot of us work and being a self employed person I had the time. We were "graced" with a thank you call from POTUS which was very thrilling even if I shared him with 30,000 others. You read right 30 thousand people were on the call.He explained so much, the metrics of their thinking in this campaign. It is sort of Ninja the way they went after otherwise non interested people, who we got to vote. Okay,so it made me think there is so much more to life than living and working and paying taxes. Yup I have had a taste of a bigger whole. What to do...I was reading about Matt Lauer being in trouble with his show. I would love to do a morning show and get up and chat about the days and weeks and months news. Meet interesting people or not so and talk about stuff...Yet I have no idea what it entails and it seems more cut throat than say Hollywood and Hollywood is tough. Not sure what I will end up doing and believe me I ask everyday. I will say being involved in this campaign made me think it is fulfilling to do something for a bigger whole not just for the small "I". Okay?