Thursday, November 15, 2012

We worked hard to get Obama re-elected and it worked. Living in a swing state sort of upped the ante to getting involved in the campaign. One cannot sit by and expect results when the very state one lives in is small and potent to the process. A funny thing happened on the way to this election a sleeping community organizer was born. Unlike any other person I know in Hollywood where it is expected if one is "Liberal"to get involved. Where I live it isn't even a 'thing" a lot of my so called concerned friends barely showed up. Being engaged takes energy and a lot of us work and being a self employed person I had the time. We were "graced" with a thank you call from POTUS which was very thrilling even if I shared him with 30,000 others. You read right 30 thousand people were on the call.He explained so much, the metrics of their thinking in this campaign. It is sort of Ninja the way they went after otherwise non interested people, who we got to vote. Okay,so it made me think there is so much more to life than living and working and paying taxes. Yup I have had a taste of a bigger whole. What to do...I was reading about Matt Lauer being in trouble with his show. I would love to do a morning show and get up and chat about the days and weeks and months news. Meet interesting people or not so and talk about stuff...Yet I have no idea what it entails and it seems more cut throat than say Hollywood and Hollywood is tough. Not sure what I will end up doing and believe me I ask everyday. I will say being involved in this campaign made me think it is fulfilling to do something for a bigger whole not just for the small "I". Okay?

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