Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Zoe, Mitt and Bush

I signed two petitions both against the casting of my friend Zoe Saldana as Nina Simone. I love, love, love Zoe Saldana but I do not think she is a good choice for Nina Simone and Hollywood this is political. Not that Diana Ross made a good Billy Holiday but she was so wonderful we let that slide. Maybe the same will be true here but unlike Billy Holiday who on a good day was gorgeous Nina Simone was never gorgeous well maybe when she was singing then she was transcendent. So to love her music Nina was to love her and to love her was to know we entered her kingdom of pain. I for one shiver when I would sit and listen deeply to her singing knowing that she had that face, that face and its intrinsic hardships. Life is harsher if one is not beautiful, showbiz is especially cruel. the other issue is casting there are so few parts for us. There are zero roles for those of us whose visage is challenged so why take the ONE opportunity away from some magnificent sister? Would the movie "Precious" been as good if someone as perfect as Zoe were cast? Would we believe it?No we would have been kept out of the realistic story by her beauty it would have hurt the depth the poetry of pain. Recently I went to the movies and yet again a perfect looking actress was cast as the female lead. Honestly it was the only thing I felt was out of balance for the film. It made it feel "Hollywood" and that can be bad. the other actors were perfect in their misshaped faces and bodies, brothers each who had something weird in their stance and expression it helped to elevate the movie experience and made me feel as if we were there. yet the female lead was flawless and it was the only thing that I didn't buy and it hurt me thinking the film was a 10 instead I give it a 7.5 out of 10 stars. Listen this particular actor she is very good and works nonstop so my little opinion does nothing except make me feel good about being maybe critical about beauty casting. Would someone with Ellen Barkins face make it today in film? I wonder? Noomi Rapace would have been better in the role than the girl they cast. Still she is pretty...I want Nina to be presented with all of her feathers and wound. Otherwise I will not bother going to see it. Speaking of ugly the telling nastiness of Mitt is very entertaining and it reveals what we all suspected about him he is a plutocrat so it behooves us Dems to remind the public of every failed policy and mess up the last administration authored and how we were on the brink of total devastation with Bush and the overall amnesia that the right seems to have should not be allowed.I want the Obama campaign to drill the airwaves with memories and stats and figures and details of where we were back then and how far we have come. listening to the aw-shucks cruelty of Mitt and his cronies or "cohorts" as he calls them. Their complete inability to have empathy or be honest to the 47% is a very bad sign for him and the country. Bush and company are criminals and the way Mitt speaks and behaves reminds me of that motley crew of thieves and murders. As I watch this news cycle for fun I invert/turn around everything Mitt says and I repeat it about him and I find it is just as true or truer.


mario said...

a friend of mine a few yrs ago went jokingly around office asking if anyone wanted todays newspaper, i bagsed it and low and behold it was from 1979 i could even make out the cost 10cents. the point im getting to, i flicked thru the paper and came accross the movie section and i was surpised there were like half a dozen movies playing 'mad max' in its record breaking 6th month. thats unheard of these days nowayadays it seems to be about quantity not quality. whilst there are still good movies that come out, i miss the authentcicty the movies back then brung wth them. u didnt have the digital canvas and it was mostly real as in the settings and stunts. i saw 'holy motors' recently i thought that was pretty original

That Winona Girl said...

i agree

Suzi from Ojai said...

I'm shocked that Romney has gotten so many supporters! Hard to believe. I will vote for Obama. He is for education, Romney is not. Sorry, that one overshadowed the casting of beauties, which is sad too!

Hope all is well out in your neck of the woods!