Tuesday, September 4, 2012

My father sent me this link; http://youtu.be/-S74HuDIRa4 I love this guy and think he teaches us something well a few things. It is good to be a kind generous citizen of planet Earth. Give and give more as much as we can humanely without imbalance. Ah, imbalance is easy to reach because often in our giving our EGO is present. Ego with standing still give and risk it. Also loneliness we are lonely because we are not in community we are sitting at home or in our small world stewing up internal misery. Ge up and out and join the community. It helps to keep us busy and away from the fridge. Personally I can be lazy and unmotivated to do anything but hangout on my couch okay I play sport (tennis) I train clients (a few) and I walk my dogs but I can always do more. oh and I volunteer and I write and I love my friends and family as much as possible. Random acts of kindness but I am not perfect and I am often hard on myself and I am trying to improve. Life is good, kind and full for all of us if we let it show us "how" so be brave and give.


mario said...

ure miles ahead Rae takes a lot to see or even acknowledge our own flaws it really starts wth us learning to lov ourselves before we can lov others if u think about it how can one lov someone else if they cant love themselves 1st. starts wth u then expands outwards unless ure a sociopath scarily there more more common in our community then once thought, ure own boss solicitor dr its discerning..

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Oh Mario! I say this to you but it is for me too, nothing is more important in our lives than making peace with ourselves and trying to find some resplendence of love if not a heaping serving of respect because according to the fairies ( I believe in them) this is the sole reason we take form or are born. To fall in love with the little I in order to share with the bigger world or community. Not easy...but worth the tears and depression that inevitably exists. All of us are having to drag ourselves out of the misery of lies and untruths we tell ourselves. All of us. My friend we are not alone.

mario said...

i was thinking to myself the other day just how pure we r wen we start out in this life wen were kids full of lov no inhibitions in showing this to others and then as life goes on we have painful experiences and that pain teaches us to put our gaurd up and be very protective in who we allow in..i surprise myself how childish i really am wth this