Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Prezzzzz!

I met the president yesterday. OMG, Yup; it was amazing! I was fortunate to have a very good close view of him whilst he spoke. I think he recognized me and so when he made his way to my section (he shakes hands) he grabbed mine and mentioned my life as an actor which he said made me an excellent one. Or something to that effect. I melted and then he asked is I lived here in my tiny state which IS a swing state and I said YES and that I was a volunteer for his campaigning and I was committed to helping him get re-elected. Today I phone 144 people in a 2.5 hour period who are officially swing voters to ask the questions needed to ensure his re-election. It was tough my back was sore from standing for 4 hours or so to listen and watch him. It is worth the wait F.Y.I. and I would do it again…he has me lock stock and barrel.I found him to be erudite sexy and quick and scarily professional…he is 100% in and able and aware. I believe the President cares about America! So there you have it he isn’t what they keep telling people (anti this and that) he cares. I saw it in his eyes. Tonight in the Obama office one man was thoroughly Rushed he said Obama has ruined the country….what planet does he live on? Where has he been? Oh wait he listens to “Rush Limpbaugh” all day what a lazy Fuck! Listen if I am going to dedicate 8 hours a week to the cause I want results…critical thinking and volunteers. Get off the couch and get your bony asses and your not so bony asses down to the nearest Obama re-election office and volunteer NOW! I am watching and so is he…and he is something else, now volunteer!


mario said...
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mario said...

sorry deleted spelling u accecpt votes offshore:-) he's got my vote

RICH PINN said...

i am a 57yr. old single dad living in the Chicago area. Back in 2008, i cast my ballot for the first time. Of course, it was for our President Obama. Not only did i vote, i also voluteered for a D.N.C. committee in Denver, Co. So i packed my boys up, emptied my bank account, and headed to the Mile-Hi. What a wonderful and educational trip that was. i found myself holding a flag for the first time since military days. i did get down pretty close to the stage too, but i guess i put too much faith in the "YES WE CAN" i really thought we could.
After the first 3 yrs. i was disappointed, not on the things that he tried and couldn't do. But on the things that he promised he was gonna do and didn't even try. That little torture base in Cuba is still taking in tenants and that poor little old lady is still forced to take deadly morphine for her pain, instead of safe, peaceful, marijuana. What's with the flipfloping?
The poor haven't gained an inch, but the rich is richer, the murder rate in our cities is still higher than our military death toll. Millions of lives are ruined just by affiliating with mary-jane.
Recently, i was pleased with him not getting involved with the CHICK-FIL-A trivial bull shit, also setting down some rules with Israel's war machine. So i guess there is still hope.
After witnessing the R.N.C. in action last week i couldn't have been more convinced to go with the dems once again. i have heard more intelligent conversations in grocery store check-out lines. WHAT IN THE HELL HAPPENED TO AMERICA? Instead of showing the voters their plan to fix things. The candidates spend billions of $$$$ criticizing,lying, avoiding the real issues. They act like this is some kind of t.v. reality show. What are we idiots? Just look at the things that Hilary said about President Obama, and now she's his right-hand man.
My second vote in my life will be going the democratic way. President Obama please try to take care of your promises from last election.
Congrats on not only meeting the president, but by him recognizing you, that's got to be pretty fulfilling.
Rae-Rae i am going to your dads show in Joliet on 10-27 and i have a very amusing fable that i made and put on d.v.d. i know he will get a kick out it. Can you hook that up?