Monday, December 27, 2010


Everything…has come true and arrived on time. This Christmas I asked and I received everything I wanted. I tell you it was hairy at times there were moments when I almost thrust my very tranquil existence out the window because I was foolish and not thinking clearly. Thankfully I was in constant prayer (am always) in constant prayer with the higher self, God whatever we called THAT thing that governs us. So this was a groovy holiday thus far I am still in it. I have done a few things for the first time and it is a welcome experience “the new”. I also got to bond with friends and un-bond with a friend. This is going to be a good year 2011. I suppose I have to say that because we are about to be in it (2011) and have no choice. Every year is good even with cataclysmic occurrence which is the law of life; Shit happens. So it is with the New Year we are in it and let’s make the most of it. I for one would like to be wiser, kinder and clear. I ask for continuing clarity so that I can serve my family and life better. I pray to be whole and not split in my affections and focus. I pray to be solid in love and in work mode. I also hope and pray for you to have your wishes come true. World peace sounds goofy because often we need disruptions to wake us up to what is real and important. I know my ass needs a good kicking occasionally to wake up and smell the coffee which is brewing in my almost perfect life. Perfect for me which is all I can ask for? I think this is so…we need gratitude, I do. I have so much to be grateful for…thank you and Happy New Year!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mayor Cory Booker

This is a love letter, a note of admiration. I think Mayor Cory Booker is a God. I am watching him on “Meet the Press” this morning and have decided to go public with my deep appreciation for this man. I pray he is kept safe and will continue his stellar climb up the political ladder. I get that his commitment to public service to community is genuine and that he is motivated by the idea that if you are doing well we all do well. I have watched or listened to him for a while, years in fact and I can’t help but feel uplifted and confident that New Jersey is in great hands. I also love that he cares about a wide range of issues from civic issues that encompass prison inmate issues and our moral obligation to helping the inmate population reintegrate into our communities. I don’t know anything about his personal life and I have some inkling that it is complex no doubt unlike say Jesse Jackson whom I have never trusted and have always felt his own personal agenda was front and center of his community work which instantly taints anything he accomplishes for the community. No, Mayor Booker is the new deal and I welcome his kind to the process. We need men and women who are devoted the bigger picture to the community and who are willing to walk the walk and do the work of uplifting our communities across this magnificent country. We are lucky to see this new awareness manifest in Cory Booker, thank you Mayor Booker for being a fine example for us.

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

600 acres...

Sanctions don’t work and again if you think withholding anything works you are stupid, full of hubris and looking for trouble. North Korea has the bomb we knew this and now everyone else in America does as of this morning it is everywhere in the news. The death of Richard Holbrooke should open up the discussion of closing our long tour in Afghanistan and redirecting our presence in Pakistan or greatly reducing our presence in Afghanistan and getting our so called allies more involved. Oh it won’t happen we would be seen as being losers although that is what we are we are losers fighting an invisible enemy that is smart and well financed which is never going to end simply because we are at war with dogma. Dogma wars are unwinnable. I also think Wiki-leaks (is) something our Department of defense conjured up because of its arrogance of course, I think we would be cyber attacked by young cyber adepts because we again are the big hallway bullies of the world. It doesn’t surprise me that artists and social butterflies are bankrolling his release into luxury. I don’t stand against him because I don’t know all of the details. I do admire the chaos the organization has created and I like that he and his posse has made the world take note and that governments are also on notice because they do bad things to each other in secret. Still I am not sure if he is doing more good. It seems he just maybe doing some good. I need help though in understanding it/him. Finally it has been a very busy time for me filming in lovely, cold wet and windy Portland. I am enjoying the experience. It is like fairy dust has descended on my head reigniting my love of acting. I hadn’t realized I missed it and now doing it, I love it. I kind of dismissed it simply because I am older and not the ideal weight for perfection on screen. Oh I am still too fat for film but I am working on it although I will never be the stick pole I once was. It’s too harsh and I am just too happy being me.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy holidays to US...

I love this country America and I don’t want us to be harmed and yet something about the wiki leaks case is intriguing me to be slow in taking sides against Wiki. I am loathe to support espionage and yet knowing we have done horrible things for decades to so many people and countries (Iraq invasion) bothers me and I wonder is this our collective bad Karma? I am not one to blame or at least I try not to and I don’t know enough about the case to comment further. It is worth catching up to though and I am going to keep an eye on it. I think it is fascinating and maybe brilliant and brave or incredibly evil. There is an article which I will post that I got off the daily beast; warning it is a wee bit dooms day. Something is in the air though can’t you feel it?

Here is the article from DB:

"The stars are aligning to ruin Christmas. Astrologers say that for the first time in years, the tumultuous astrological cycle known as Mercury Retrograde falls during the holidays, causing "tears," "confusion," and "throw downs" during the busy shopping and travel season.
The holidays are always rife with gift-giving melodramas, travel snafus and family flare-ups. But this year, astrologers warn, there will be more mammoth aggravation and tumult than we’ve seen in almost a decade.
It starts with Black Friday and Saturday, which they say will be doomed by bad deals and under-stocked merchandise. And shoppers who wait until after December 9 will get stuck with faulty products or presents that no one wanted in the first place. By mid-December, holiday travelers will be hit with bad weather, mechanical errors and possibly, terrorist threats. Wars may break out, marriages will dissolve, people will lose their jobs and, as astrologer Gahl Sasson put it, “the whole planet is going to have Tourette’s syndrome.” But that’s not even the worst of it. The darkest day comes on the Winter Solstice (December 21), when a full moon eclipse will wreak its own special havoc.
AP Photo; Getty Images
“It’s a nightmare,” says New York astrologer Susan Miller. “People will be in tears.”
Some of this drama is rooted in the infamous astrological aspect known as “Mercury Retrograde” that lasts for three weeks, three times each year. It is the period when the planet, as viewed from Earth, appears to be moving backward in the sky. Astrology buffs mark their calendars in advance of this phenomenon and brace themselves for computer crashes, accidents of all kinds, lost car keys, misplaced packages, misunderstandings and other everyday chaos.
Miller. Buy gift certificates, practical gifts and steer clear of electronics and big-ticket items. Don’t
“When Mercury retrogrades, it scrambles all kinds of information causing confusion almost like static,” says Sasson, who is based in Los Angeles.
This year, Mercury retrogrades from December 10-30, the first time since 2003 that this aspect has fallen at Christmas. And though most astrologers blame Mercury retrograde for minor mistakes, it is also credited with some of history’s most newsworthy debacles as well.
This is the same astrological weather in effect during the January earthquake in Haiti, the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in April, the “flash crash” on Wall Street in May, President Obama’s fumble during his January 2009 inaugural oath, the Bush-Gore election nightmare in November 2000, the Wall Street crashes of 2008 and 1987 and yes, the sinking of the Titanic in 1912.
December’s Mercury retrograde takes place first in the sign of Capricorn (from December 10-20) and then in Sagittarius (from December 20-30), promising to stir tensions inside families and between governments. “People are probably going to be forceful about their agendas,” says astrologer Ophira Edut, who with her identical twin sister, Tali make up Elle magazine’s AstroTwins. “There could definitely be some holiday throw-downs and international tensions rising up between the 20th and 30th.”
“The last thing we need is another layer,” says astrologer Miller. “And here it is. It’s coming.”
But complicating things, astrologers say, are a series of other challenging planetary shifts. As Sasson describes it, on December 13, Pluto, “the planet of death,” Mars, “the planet of war,” and Mercury, “the planet of communications,” will be so aligned as to inspire people to be more manipulative and say things they don’t mean.
The position of Uranus, meanwhile, is making “people ... feel their lives are falling apart,” says astrologer Michael Lutin.
“There’s a tremendous, more than ever, level of uncertainty,” says Lutin. “It’s washing like a tsunami over the entire earth.”
Then on December 21, there’s the total eclipse of the Moon in Gemini (which rules aviation), which is square Uranus (which rules the unexpected) that falls during the winter solstice. This, says Miller, is a recipe for disaster.
“We’re all a little over-the-top on everything,” says Miller of this season. “We’re spending money. We’re spending energy. We’re spending emotion. We’re very busy at that time. And the last thing we need is another layer. And here it is. It’s coming.”
Not all astrologers see this season in such dire terms. “I don’t think it’s going to be a nightmare,” says Edut. “There may be more to navigate. A lot of family dynamics. Travel dynamics. The eclipse will bring some drama for some people. Some people might be getting that little pink slip in their in box. Other people might be getting a surprise holiday bonus. It really depends.”
Astrologers do have tips on coping with all this astrological drama. Finish shopping by December 5, offers overbook yourself during the holidays. Buy refundable plane tickets. “Try to be elastic enough so you can help the people around you who are in crisis,” Miller says.
“The good news is [Mercury retrograde] can reveal hidden things,” says Gahl. “Let’s say you lost something before Mercury retrogrades, you might actually find it. It’s a great time to go on Facebook and look for old friends. Clean files. Deal with unfinished projects. Edit. Review. Reevaulate. Reassess.”
Troubled relationships can actually be mended during this time. Diplomacy has a good chance.
“Just give in,” says Miller. “Roll with it.”

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I think it is important to understand what could be a feeling of resistance…still try to enjoy the holidays.