Monday, December 27, 2010


Everything…has come true and arrived on time. This Christmas I asked and I received everything I wanted. I tell you it was hairy at times there were moments when I almost thrust my very tranquil existence out the window because I was foolish and not thinking clearly. Thankfully I was in constant prayer (am always) in constant prayer with the higher self, God whatever we called THAT thing that governs us. So this was a groovy holiday thus far I am still in it. I have done a few things for the first time and it is a welcome experience “the new”. I also got to bond with friends and un-bond with a friend. This is going to be a good year 2011. I suppose I have to say that because we are about to be in it (2011) and have no choice. Every year is good even with cataclysmic occurrence which is the law of life; Shit happens. So it is with the New Year we are in it and let’s make the most of it. I for one would like to be wiser, kinder and clear. I ask for continuing clarity so that I can serve my family and life better. I pray to be whole and not split in my affections and focus. I pray to be solid in love and in work mode. I also hope and pray for you to have your wishes come true. World peace sounds goofy because often we need disruptions to wake us up to what is real and important. I know my ass needs a good kicking occasionally to wake up and smell the coffee which is brewing in my almost perfect life. Perfect for me which is all I can ask for? I think this is so…we need gratitude, I do. I have so much to be grateful for…thank you and Happy New Year!


glt said...

I had the longest gloomiest xmas ever...I didn't drink or partake for 3 days! In other words, I got back to normal. Yes, It only takes 3 days. I was surprised. Now, I can feel all the love again. Now, I can project hope again. I posted that I hugged 13 people in Walmart before they called security! Har! Not true, but it's something I wish every else would do. World peace never sounded goofy to me. Yer a good mind anchor. There's really no explanation as to why humans revile love so adamantly. I'm living in the twilight zone.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

GLT...choose to see it less twilight zone more just life. Choose and designand shape the view. Hugs are good if asked for.


glt said...

I would love to eliminate human greed and pride. I think love would handle all the rest. Asking for a hug is very uncomfortable. Timing has to be perfectly thoughtless.

glt said...

RD? You are a magnificent dreamer! ...filled with beautiful sadness and love. I think you are the best bloggist of poetic reality I've felt. Perhaps the most underrated human in the world! Har! Really, tho, here in the US, we get so much thoughtless crap, and folks like you with a natural mental/physical connection are demonized and criminalized and often imprisoned...oh sheeesh! Reality versus twilight zone creeps in during rare alert moments when absurdity comes from heaven-like radar. BTW...I now see why you dumped really sucks. People are too effing uptight.

glt said...

P.S. Don't forget, the Rapture happens on May 21st, this year! Harrrr!

frenchwoman said...

Rae bonjour

Je vous souhaite une belle année 2011 qu'elle vous soit douce aimante et le plus agréable possible. Je souhaite un monde meilleur à tout le monde évidement.



Tony Bunn said...

Hey Rae,

(GLT and Georgia, too) :o)

I's just breezin' through to wish ye's a positive and prosperous 2011. It's been a few moments since I last visited you and your musings; please forgive, as I's been preparing to relocate to Copenhagen --- gonna try to make it an even smaller world ;o)

Peace, Strength & Much Love to ye's,
Tony B.

glt said...

TB? RELOCATE? Wow! That's a big word...first I've heard it from you.
Man, I hope you succeed. It's a smart thing to do, imho. I'm 100% behind you. Our type of music and art(tho not EXACTLY the same), I believe is still much more appreciated in the older more seasoned cultures such as Europe. I fled this country in '68 but was too naive to stick around for more than a taste of well seasoned humanity. I still regret my return. Love and Peace.

Suzi from Ojai said...

Rae Dawn, I'm glad you and your family had a nice Christmas.

Have a wonderful Year in 2011!

emullins75 said...

Hello Rae.. Long time no see.. I'm glad that you had a great 2010 and a great Holiday season. I'm so glad that I got to meet and hang out with you in Boston. It was such a great time and I got a new friend in the process. I loved the pics that were posted of us. did you get to see them. They were awesome. Hope your tennis game is going great for you. I'm using my uhm well your using your words like you taught me.. SFC...

Hope to hear from you soon..
stay safe

emullins75 said...
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