Sunday, December 19, 2010

Mayor Cory Booker

This is a love letter, a note of admiration. I think Mayor Cory Booker is a God. I am watching him on “Meet the Press” this morning and have decided to go public with my deep appreciation for this man. I pray he is kept safe and will continue his stellar climb up the political ladder. I get that his commitment to public service to community is genuine and that he is motivated by the idea that if you are doing well we all do well. I have watched or listened to him for a while, years in fact and I can’t help but feel uplifted and confident that New Jersey is in great hands. I also love that he cares about a wide range of issues from civic issues that encompass prison inmate issues and our moral obligation to helping the inmate population reintegrate into our communities. I don’t know anything about his personal life and I have some inkling that it is complex no doubt unlike say Jesse Jackson whom I have never trusted and have always felt his own personal agenda was front and center of his community work which instantly taints anything he accomplishes for the community. No, Mayor Booker is the new deal and I welcome his kind to the process. We need men and women who are devoted the bigger picture to the community and who are willing to walk the walk and do the work of uplifting our communities across this magnificent country. We are lucky to see this new awareness manifest in Cory Booker, thank you Mayor Booker for being a fine example for us.

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