Monday, July 23, 2012

Gunning away our freedom

We are violent as a species we allow by law violent discourse to bellow over the airwaves in the form of Rush Limbaugh and Micheal Savage to name just two.They openly incite violence and racism especially against our president. Our very own politicians spread deep untruths about each other and their kind that can hurt the very people they are talking about as in the example of Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton in Egypt. Senator Bachman lied about her involvements and it cause public outrage and it could have been worse than a few loud protests and produce being thrown at her vehicle. We live on violent Planet and it doesn’t seem to be getting better or more loving and peaceful which makes me wonder if that is foolish to strive for? The impotence of the anti automatic weapons bans or gun control in general is depressing and frustrating and it seems no amount f domestic carnage will move the discussion. We are violent in our media and in our speech and in our ways that we run for office. In every aspect of life we are violent so it shouldn’t surprise us that dull, lonely, sad boys open fire and murder lots of people. This is the formula outliers need attention and they will murder to get it. So it is going to happen again and again.London has camera’s everywhere in the city and suburbs I like that idea, lights , camera , action. I want to televise every street and park and open space “Google it” so we can at least make it harder to open fire at malls and movie theaters. We need to do more…

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Election cycle and the crazy myths.

My feelings get stirred up when I watch footage of Rush “the Terrible” speaking with bald hated about President Obama, it saddens me and makes me angry so much so I want to ask the FCC to take him off the air. Of course it also reminds me of the school yard limerick “I know you are but what am I” said in my childhood to diffuse a put down. The NY Times has released an op-ed piece outlining the 5 myths of Obama-care; If it doesn’t off a direct click through copy and paste it in your browser. I think it is an ugly time here in America and I am a little frightened by the vitriolic nakedness from the other side. It isn’t as bad as it has been obviously but the ghost of vile Jim Crow is pretty present. I cannot help feeling that something desperate and ugly is around the corner and I hope I am wrong. It just feels like when a rabid animal is trapped it tends to bite. The radical right feels rabid and the teeth are very sharp and the money is piled high and it is scary. My faith in goodness, education, wisdom and intelligent reason is firm but man is it getting scary out there. I know POTUS is not perfect but I sure do appreciate his candor and willingness to say as much. God bless Joe Biden never has a man been so helpful and inspiring he is damn good at making the much needed points for POTUS. It is the gypsy curse these crazy times, that is for sure and damn if it ain’t interesting!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pain body

Ekart Tolle talks a lot about the “pain body” being a place a state that is difficult to prosper and grow out of if we live most of our lives around it. Meaning avoiding it or dwelling in it or ignoring it which can keep it present, is a tricky thing because our spiritual growth depends on our managing our states and especially our response to the proverbial wounds all of it complex. So I was thinking about the African American story all of us have a long historical connection to deep pain and torture and abuse and more when it comes to being a person of color. So it doesn’t surprise me that we have such a disadvantage when it comes to managing our lives in other words every person of color no matter how affluent deals with a history that is difficult and maybe presently difficult so couple that with societal disadvantages no matter what anyone says it has NEVER been a level playing field in any sector of society historically or even today. With all of this in mind I sit in awe of the monumental healing salve President Obama initial victory means and what it means to those of us with this reality. It is deep, very, very deep so it makes the resistance to him extra sensitive a familiar cut into the already wounded and war worn soul of black America. The agenda of the far right with the bogus voter fraud laws which are designed to suppress the black vote makes this election personal, very. I am realizing that my very own race I happen to straddle three (complicated) still my own people have to fight falling into the depression that can overcome us just by virtue of the “struggle”…I also realize I have been impatient with my own family for not being bigger bolder thinkers because it takes great courage and evolution to be able to face the “pain body” and push past it to grow in our thinking and innovate. The average women of color have so much against her how can she afford the luxury of imagining more? Dreaming is a luxury in some instances especially when you work three shifts. In order to evolve we have to be strong and have courage and face pain body and push past it. In my life time it looks good for all of us and I know we can do it no matter what happens we must!