Monday, July 23, 2012

Gunning away our freedom

We are violent as a species we allow by law violent discourse to bellow over the airwaves in the form of Rush Limbaugh and Micheal Savage to name just two.They openly incite violence and racism especially against our president. Our very own politicians spread deep untruths about each other and their kind that can hurt the very people they are talking about as in the example of Secretary Of State Hillary Clinton in Egypt. Senator Bachman lied about her involvements and it cause public outrage and it could have been worse than a few loud protests and produce being thrown at her vehicle. We live on violent Planet and it doesn’t seem to be getting better or more loving and peaceful which makes me wonder if that is foolish to strive for? The impotence of the anti automatic weapons bans or gun control in general is depressing and frustrating and it seems no amount f domestic carnage will move the discussion. We are violent in our media and in our speech and in our ways that we run for office. In every aspect of life we are violent so it shouldn’t surprise us that dull, lonely, sad boys open fire and murder lots of people. This is the formula outliers need attention and they will murder to get it. So it is going to happen again and again.London has camera’s everywhere in the city and suburbs I like that idea, lights , camera , action. I want to televise every street and park and open space “Google it” so we can at least make it harder to open fire at malls and movie theaters. We need to do more…


Unchosen said...

I've got to disagree with you on this one. We banned drugs and spent 40 years and a trillion dollars in the "war on drugs" but anyone who wants them can still get them. There's no reason to believe a gun ban would be any more successful.

As a celebrity who has been the subject of paparazzi scrutiny, I'm amazed you'd want even more cameras around tracking your every move. I think the best you could hope for is to watch reruns of crimes, but things happen so fast I don't think live video would prevent them. On the contrary, it would be a very handy tool for stalkers. Scary!

Rich Pinnick said...

i have to agree with the Unchosen about the eye in the sky. i think it's a damn shame that the fabric that this country was built on is slowly becoming a thing of the past. The main thing is our undisputable rights as American citizens. i truly believe that sometimes chaotic situations are played out to create fear causing ignorant people to trade in their freedom, bit by bit, on the premise that BIG BROTHER is gonna take care of you. Having lived in Denver for many years, things like that crazy ass shooting really is heart felt. But weapons are the only thing between a total TAKE OVER by the bad guys. Actually if you want to see guns, just look to our south hmmm, i wonder where all those guns came from, or maybe we should ask our weapon$ indu$try to send a few more to the middle east. Until we violated their way of life and incited the most bloodshed in modern history, they were doing just fine.Of course they had problems , but so do we.
You know what they say


All in all two of our most important rights have been snatched away from us PRIVACY AND PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS.....Damn what's a person to do?

Dwane T. said...

When you include people being sent over as criminals, insane, and criminally insane in addition to those who were slaves, we’ve had both Black and White people sent here against their will who then had to work at the lowest levels of society to help the people above them in the caste system move up higher. So you have people at the bottom who are passing their helplessness and anger on from generation to generation, and people at the top trying to come up with new ways to keep those at the bottom down. Violence has been used regularly in this country to keep or break control as part of this cycle. Violence against and by unions. Violence against and by women (burning beds count). Violence against and by minorities. And more often than not, it is people with money empowering one group at the bottom’s violence against another.

Ours is a country where people are constantly made to feel powerless. Powerless to protect their homes from foreclosure, to keep companies from releasing toxic chemicals in their environment, to get basic health care at a reasonable price, and to provide a good education (not just free, but good) for their kids. But you have the power to own a gun, so you have the power to protect yourself if some unwanted person or people come in your home, or in your neighborhood, or your part of town, or county, state, or anywhere in the country. And those in power will allow people to own a gun to feel powerful no matter what, because otherwise those people might decide to band together and change things so they don’t have to feel powerless anymore.

People are venting their rage to feel powerful, but doing it while hiding behind their computer screen through twitter, Facebook, and in chat rooms.. The bolder/crazier ones take to the street to vent their rage in random or organized violent acts. The richer ones use talk radio and television. But when the spotlight is put on them, when they are put on Youtube or the nightly news, they all backtrack from the statements they were previously so proud of, or try to convince you that the person in the video really wasn’t them. So yes Rae, if we put up more cameras in public places, and made people on radio and computer-based media less able to hide their identities, we would have more civility and less violence. As Dr. Martin Luther King said, “It may be true that the law cannot make a man love me, but it can keep him from lynching me, and I think that's pretty important.” With legislation that make automatic weapons less available, and make public actions more visible with greater accountability, we’ll have less violence in all its forms.