Wednesday, July 24, 2013


I dreamt I was in a square and watching as soldiers were preparing a fire and there was a murmur of voices and my name was being said. It dawned on me the fire was for me. Then I woke up. I am feeling like Salman Rushdie and the period at the start of his Fatwa. I really see no difference. The comments and threats are pretty violent and I am certain equal to the impact of my words on the gigantic fan base of O. what’s interesting is the media coverage and various comments seem skewed in neutral while most are direct at me example ‘Has RDC lost her mind?” I am certain if you told me that this would happen I would not bring this down on myself and yet I feel like it opens up a dialogue about race and what we are allowed to feel and experience within my community and I have a community. The reality is I broke a social rule I aired my dirty laundry about someone I know. Of course I did pick the biggest foe which is why I used the Salman Rushdie analogy her fans seems as rabid. The attacks seem aimed at me for having sat back and thrashed O as if I just had a happy ol time calling her names and carrying on without CONTEXT or story. I have my opinions and they obviously are not popular but it pains me to think so many believe that I don’t feel or experience the same racism and prejudice that every other person of color does. It pains me that immediately everyone assumes I hold myself back or above her on the contrary…what also hurts is the violence and threats no wonder no one ever comes forward with their stories of O. It is this huge wall of silence. Ahhh will the community ever forgive probably not and although I have spent most of my life enjoying deep appreciation this last experience has taught me that I now go forward without Love, Appreciation or Approval. I suppose my spiritual path has just begun, and that is a blessing.

Friday, July 19, 2013

Open mouth insert foot.

My, my, good morning America. I started the day being outed for referencing Oprah in a historical fashion her success and it was dissected and published on TMZ site. I cannot and will not take back anything said in my interview but my frankness will cause pain and for lazy people out there who cannot investigate and listen to my entire interview and who just want to hate me. There is nothing I can do... I fancy I have a big heart but apparently I have a big mouth too. Someone said I looked like hell and was jealous and hateful to Oprah and I say "Okay, Yes" that is just as true. Still some things I suppose are best left unsaid does it matter that it happened to me and I wanted to get my side out? She is a billionaire and me not so much. I am in a bit of shock honestly not sure how to respond and I want to respond. I yelled at TMZ because it was a witch burning and at my expense because they did not release the entire interview instead cut and pasted. Here it is; My body mind and soul are sad and exhausted with the tragedy of Trayvon Martin and all race relations. My reference to Oprah was to highlight her success against out pitiful history. My bad for being so bold and obviously hurtful in my stupid word choices. I stand by my story just sad it was used this way... TMZ really? To all the haters have a listen and then judge.