Monday, November 26, 2012

Checking in...

Okay it has been a glorious post election holiday season and it definitely feels better to be victors, thank you. We have a lot of work to do and it all feels bubbly and exciting. Yes for me personally I have a couple of challenging projects one I am certain will be a challenge the other less so but still I am grateful to be working. Also with “The Celebrant “ we are doing crowd funding for the first time and whenever I try something new it is both exciting and scary and humbling. One is never allowed to get fat or grow old if one was ever a siren…so it feels as if I have to constantly work out which I happen to love to do as well as watch what I eat which I happen to have to since I am pre-diabetic and suffer from Hashimoto’s disease and arthritis… Ahhh good times. It could be worse and yes I am grateful I get to play competitive tennis and run my dog in the woods. Life is good if not a wee bit stressful at times. Finally go to and have a look at the race car my husband designed. He is under a lot of stress since the SCCA decided to make The Radon illegal. Why pick on us? What a bunch of bull…maybe it isn’t meant to be but they couldn’t be more wrong and the car isn’t unsafe and in fact the new rule changes are strange and personal and seriously let’s hope these guys get smarter and change their minds.Change or innovation is a good thing and it is American and it is all about fair trade. I feel confident we will survive this drama and everything will work out in our favor. Here is hoping the holidays are filled with love and laughter and may all of us get our wildest dreams and wishes. Peace!

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