Tuesday, November 27, 2012


Yes, we need to make ALL illegal drugs legal…we need to tax and create environments where both drugs and prostitution are practiced in safe and well monitored establishments so that people who work in this business are safe and so are the patrons. Wow the idea that a society can finally come to terms with its community and allow us to individually decide what we do to our bodies in private. This is an important step to our evolution as a whole. The drug war is an enormous failure and will continue to fail as long as we believe the rhetoric that it is winnable. Nothing is further from the truth, all wars are intrinsically flawed. The reality is that those of us who can don’t feel motivated to be excessive about drugs and those of us who cannot control ourselves can get proper help or die. The truth is the law doesn’t deter us from doing things that are bad what deters us is free will and help. We can afford one pay health care if we have new larger tax revenue which we would have if all illegal drugs were legal and regulated. Ahhhh heaven okay maybe not heaven but it is mature more mature then being treated like children. Apparently it is a scientific statistic (IE;The Netherlands)that if drugs are made available it does not make the use go up or higher(no pun intended) in fact it appears that legalized drugs create a drop in use. So some of us conspiracy people think that, that is the truest reason drugs have stayed illegal for this long. It keeps demand sexy and popular. Let’s legalize all of it. I am willing as a citizen to try this experiment out. So let’s hope we get a very open discussion regarding drugs in general now that some of these states have won legalization. Let us not go backward. Then we can begin(again)funding mental hospitals with the state of the art facilities that will help keep clear our streets of homeless souls who are in need of monitored care. When the Reagan administration gutted mental health out of the federal budget it flushed many souls out into the streets. We need to gather them back inside to safety. A society that ignores or doesn’t help it’s citizens is indeed a poor society. So much good would come of this move and I hope between Obama and the President of Mexico we can accomplish this. It is worth it.

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Rich Pinnick said...

It's been a while,and it's nice to be back online.Like i said in an earlier comment, i did see your Pops in Joliet,Il. in Oct. with his wife, son, and Cheech.It was a great show,and i sat in the front and went backstage after. i had a nice gift for them but was unsure how to give it. i was one of a minute black presence. Wish i could send you the picture we took.
Having lived in Denver for 15 yrs. i had already experienced the laid back attitude of folks when it came to pot. When moving to the Chicago area for custody of my sons. i was devastated,by the 180 degree change in attitude. Damn, i was actually nervous about smoking in my own house. It is really a shame how some of the most intelligent people can be so ignorant when it comes to pot, let alone the other drugs you mentioned. They would rather watch WAR AFTER WAR on CNN & FOX. than to notice that the freedom that we were promised at the start of this nation, be slowly siphoned from our souls. Actually our pursuit of happiness can include using substances, that others might not agree with, but as long as i am not causing harm to anyone. You need to back the fu** up off me, let me be. If by chance i become a hazard to myself then please intervene and offer me help. i even know of many people who smoke crack, that still work every day and take care of their biz just like the next person.
Amsterdam, like you said is one example of how things might work and drugs aren't even legal, just tolerated.
It seems that mainstream folks care more about a stray dog in freezing weather than a home-less family living under the bridge.
I did have reservations about voting(only 2nd time in my life)for President Obama. Let's hope that our 2nd term PREZ can at least show more concern and care for those who really need help, not the slick ass mega-companies and coniving bankers.
There is no doubt, a lot of slicksh*t is going on. But the crazy thing of all is that it is now done right in front of your face not in the dark anymore.
In time that will be a force to be reckoned with. It will be a place where the klan, gang members, clergy, crippled, workers, students, housewives, some politicians, some rich, poor, home-less, some military, all races of people and many others, can stand on the same platform, and deal with the powers that be.