Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Last night I was immersed in love and fellowship and faith which wasn’t necessarily in the service I attended it was very present in my heart and I appreciated everything in the room. The experience made me realize that every shred of faith cloaked in a fairly dramatic story if one happens to be Evangelical or Pentecostal say versus New age which I learned is very different from each other is valuable and key to navigating life successfully. Okay so I like my spirituality more toward the new age side but I certainly enjoyed the zeal in the room last night even if I differ on most of the stories as to truth and I differ in the beliefs that there is only one book or way to God. We sang songs and prayed and listened to a rather common man pastor speak his truth. So much hope and love and care so much and I am certain any critique I have and there is a lot I hold is easy pickings so I will hold back. I am a great fan of Christopher Hitchen’s book “God is not Great” and I must say find his thesis important as we traverse spirituality. There is something magnificent that is the glue and web that holds us together and watches over us and it is intelligence personified so there is faith and spirituality deep in my core and heart and the only difference is rules and source. I adore the story of Christ and I believe Jesus exists now in our hearts and I do believe lived add the idea that Jesus died for our sins is fascinating. I think I die metaphorically for everyones sins everyday. Every person who suffers on planet Earth I suffer along with. I could sit and shed tears all day long if I wanted. I try not to but lately it has been really hard not to be emotionally devastated both for our domestic tragedies and for my own small “I” issues many loved friends and family have suffered this year. It is life I suppose, the condition that we endure all manner of experience and it hurts and uplifts simultaneously. Still I am humbled by all the biblical politics, the rules I bump up against plus I am truly tickled that New age is so scorned and or feared by the evangelicals… it’s humorous. Wouldn’t it be kind of lovely if we could allow and respect every religion and person who practices their beliefs equally? I know dream on…still that is what I want for Christmas; Tolerance with a capital T. Happy Holidays to all!

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