Monday, December 31, 2012

My New Years wish!

Watching a riveting Documentary about America’s online sex slavery trade, a trade that exploits minors for profit where the police are barely able to keep up and locate and rescue abused children made my stomach ache. I am certain if we had compassionate laws that deeply examined prostitution and drugs we could come up with laws that were compassionate. As it stands the under ground nature of drugs and prostitution and the stigma associated with it keep children and women in slavery. It keeps it underground in secret societies and online out of reach for monitoring keeping it unsafe and dirty. Legalizing the sex trade and drugs gives us much needed over sight and creates self monitoring within the community where women and men don’t need “Pimps” to function and where the government agencies can exert more control over STD’s disease and improve efforts to keep minors out of the trade. This alone would remove the stigma. Okay it wouldn’t solve all of the ills of this life but it would help in giving power and more safety to it’s workers. The men and women who can get off the street and into safer warmer shelter where they can nurse their addictions and maybe examine and change their choices. With drugs and prostitution illegal it helps the pimps and abusers keep their workers in the shadows on the street and in shabby motels across America. Most of the laws dis-empower the weak creating slavery…when will it stop? Justice isn’t served and the pimps are not brought to justice and the registering violent individuals isn’t possible and the vicious death spiral is maintained. As a so called civilized society we are barbaric in the treatment of the weakest of us, Women and Children we throw the poorest to the dogs. We are dismal in our record and it is present today in 2013. My New Years wish is a serious examination of compassionate law making. Laws that impact and make safer the weakest of us. Laws that can empower entire groups of people who historically are unseen and unsafe. We desperately need to examine legalizing drugs and prostitution and I pray it will happen in my life time, now. May we all continue to want the very best for everyone and may we continue to want to help each other in every way we can. It is not every man for himself it is holding up our human community, as a whole, as a whole we get stronger and everything is better when everyone can prosper. Blessings!


Rich Pinnick said...

It is funny how this country finds it so hard to say I goofed lets try to do it this way.(example)Slavery took some serious bloodshed to come to an end. Had we looked at the way some Euro countries handled it we could have possibly ended it much sooner. Now if we looked to Germany for legal prostitution stats, and to Amsterdam for a more compassionate look at drug use. We just might start an emotional change in America's spirit. There is no reason for anyone in this country to not have a warm place to lay their head at night w/ a full belly.
Let us hope that in 2013 we can start with caring for the poor, i don't mean donate to your favorite charity, i mean get up off of your lazy ass and meet and talk to a BUM, then you might really start to care.

Rich Pinnick said...

I don't mean you to get up. Sorry if it looked like that.