Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Legalize it!

As the first daughter of a drug God ;Tommy Chong I can promise you that if the United States of America legalized all illicit drugs; Pot , meth , coke all psychedelics that it would fill our debt coffers getting us instantly out of debt and it would solve all if our social ills regarding vice. Once the human being is allowed anything it instantly loses its glamour. So yes; legalize all of it including heroin, and watch the number of addicts drop precipitously. Once something is made legal it loses its sex appeal. I promise YOU!


frenchwoman said...

Effectivement la dépénalisation enléverais le côté "sexy" du problème mais cela n'aménerait il pas à plus d'abus plus de déchéance plus de facilité à s'auto-détruire?

Dwane T. said...

I am uncomfortable with legalizing everything, particularly now that we have drugs that make people eat other people's faces off. One thing I've learned from drug dealers is that while there is a certain sex appeal that makes people try some drugs, many folks just like being high for whatever the reason. They will take as much as they can afford, and when they can't afford anymore they will steal or kill to get more money to get more drugs. Even if addiction went down, I believe theft and violent crime would go up. I remember "methadone clinics" as a kid, where heroine addicts went to get their methadone fix to kick their heroine addiction. Having a free and legal drug alternative just changed them from one addition to another.

I do believe that legalizing regulated amounts of weed and coke would help the economy by reducing court and prison costs, and creating taxable income from the companies the sell them. But while I have a problem with my pilot having a cocktail before flying me somewhere, I would have more than just a problem with a pilot who just took acid. So some drugs, but not all... but I agree with your premise.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Okay DT you make a good point except with illicit drugs being illegal it forces the crimes to STAY under ground and we as society get zero benefit. there are many hideous examples of bad behavior with or without drugs causing them. Look at the citizen united super packs! Still with legalization we have a revenue stream. we can then focus on the real "actors" and the real issues of the day. The war on drugs is LOST as in put all of the last wars stretching back 100 years and still you will not see a more dismal record than the loss of funds and man power and civilian life as this so called war on drugs. IT IS A FAILURE. Mexico is ruined because they cannot contain the drug lords and their army and it likes no amount of intervention is helping them either. Why shouldn't drugs be legal and why can't these enterprising men and woman join the mainstream? It is again a suspect lobby that keeps drugs illegal. Big Pharma will suffer losses and so it goes. We have lost so much in terms of a level playing field and as i write this I realize it never has been level EVER. People need to decide within themselves and if they cannot we need funding for programs and clinic that can help those who need it. Not under funded stressed half baked band aids...we need the money to fund rehabs and mental hospitals as well as places for drug education. It can start with legalization across the board. The statistics are in my favor as far as this argument. We need the money to help those who want or need it.

frenchwoman said...

Je suis un peu déçue qu'il ny ai pas d'échange avec le français Je me sent frustrée NA!

Dwane T. said...

Rae Dawn, you're absolutely right about the fallacy of the war on Drugs. We have never won a war against an ideological problem, drugs, illiteracy, poverty, etc. the difference with the war on drugs is, while the other "wars" benefited those in power by keeping people from moving up in the system, the drug war brings income into the system. Drugs provide free labor via the 13th Amendment (slavery based criminal activity instead of race). Also the sale supply of drugs into the country. That is managed at a high political and corporate level. If we wanted to help ourselves or Mexico with the drug problem, we are one napalm crop dusting away from doing it an any time. But it's too lucrative to stop it.

The war on drugs was a business and political move disguised as social justice and a humanitarian effort. The same people who want strong drug laws are against funding drug treatment centers because "people choose to use drugs and become addicted". We need to generate income how we can. But as much as we also want civil liberty, the lower half of the intellectual bell curve have to be protected against themselves. They will take whatever they can get their hands, mouth, nose, veins on.

I believe the economic cost to society in the loss/treatment of human capital will nullify much of the gain through cross the board legalization. But reality is, what we are doing now isn't working. I would be more comfortable if we weened drugs off the banned list one or two at a time and had a chance to account and adjust for the negatives of each rather than go all at once and not know what to address when problems arise.

Rae Dawn Chong said...

Okay but not to be so cavalier with souls and health I notice in Europe where drugs are sort of legal in Amsterdam Netherlands in Canada needle programs are in effect to help curb HIV spreading or they are trying out different levels of legality, they are finding drugs do lose their cache' so I suspect the people who are certainly unable to control themselves and must be guided like lambs will exist but they up side to legalization is the access to funds. We can never control everyone but we can be better prepared for the few who want help.

Rich Pinnick said...

1st of all PEACE to you. i feel that being an adult citizen in a free country, the choice to indulge as i please, in any drug, should not be a criminal act, as long as i don't infringe on my peers rights.

The reason of drugs illegality is to slow down the minorities progress and of course to make the $$$$. Like they care about your health and well being. If they cared,'LOL'maybe our food industry would safer, or the water.. air.. and earth, wouldn't be so filthy. And maybe the world of the prescription drugs wouldn't be so deadly. But that's only if they care.

It seems that law after law is steadily starting to look like government hustling it's own people. The states get in debt. We bail them out, with stupid ass new laws, fines and penalties It's all about that mighty $$$.

Marijuana should be totally 100% legal. Don't tax or regulate it. Back-up off of Mary Jane you can't pimp her, leave her be. Damn, it's only a small seed that turns into a beautiful non-toxic flower. WHAT IS ALL OF THE ADO FOR?

Now as for the, SNOW-HORSE-CRYSTAL-ACID-MUSHROOMS-PCP-MESC, there would have be fair regulations, limits, rules, real drug education and many clinics to help.

Why do you think that most of the countries with lax drug laws have actually much less crime and a smaller percentage of addicts than we do here in the USA.

It's like you said. Once drugs are legal and all of the ado subsides, i believe people can go back to their normal lives and our government can focus on the real problems, to make our lives better.