Saturday, June 16, 2012


It is so easy to make fun of Sheldon Adelson who is such a yacker sure he has endless financial means to capitalize a campaign but he talks a lot more than he seems to donate. 10 million is just that not 100 million and so why mention it, just do it? I think he brags about his moneyed donations because he isn’t about to part with 100 million but because he is the billionaire casino boss he can act like that bigger spender. You know its cultural he is a very shrewd man who worked hard to get where he is today and he is bloviating. On the other hand the flip flopping done by Romney makes my skin scrawl and although he isn’t the sexual predator that Sandusky is or Rush Limblowhardbag I know what his name is but refuse to say it right…Romney counts on us forgetting and not holding him up to scrutiny so he lies away. Also he does have the eyes of a weirdo; someone who does bad things in private like Sandusky…it’s awkward and gives me the creeps. I still think we need deep focus and continued truth telling from POTUS and a bit of bragging and charts, lots of factual charts to keep the 2 billion dollars strong weirdo right at bay. Landslide in spite of suppression of the votes, attack on all things female and the correction ,correction so we can have trust worthy bridges and yes weed out the gambling banks and financial institutions are addicted to, and put the public sector back to work, now. There I said it. Happy Fathers day.

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Rich Pinnick said...

I am a single dad @ 56,whom voted the 1st time in 2008. I voluteered for a committee, packed up my boyz and went to the MILE-HI. It really saddens me to see that even President Obama flips and flops with the best of them.

I didn't vote for him b-cuz he is black.(if mccain had his ideas i would have backed him) I voted for him on the content of his goals. And after 4 yrs I really don"t feel the YES WE CAN anymore. It feels like the same old Bush antics. We still have a few months before Nov.


will keep Tommy in my prayers,good luck with A Joint Venture, will see him in Joliet