Wednesday, June 13, 2012


There is an ill wind in West Texas a nuclear waste dump that manages to bury under acres of sand and rock waste that will never go away ever, no it will remain radioactive poisoning the ground water under the already fragile drought plagued West Texas, soon to be waste land for millions of years. The billionaire who owns and operates this mess is one of the largest super-pac donors to Mitts campaign. This man wants to be allowed to continue storage of nuclear waste without regulations designed to prevent pollution while protecting fragile aquifers. He doesn’t want the EPA to meddle in his affairs. He wants Romney and his cronies to allow him to be the gigantic polluter although successful business man to flourish. This guy Mr. Hammond is the poster boy for everything wrong in our society. What would be the profile of success in my “perfect world”? In my universe success would be gained with the caveat that my industry either protects vigorous the environment and the local community making both my industry and business mutually productive even if it costs me money in the short run. So if I was extracting something a mineral or substance from the ground I would make sure that the extraction was replaced with an exact replica of whatever we were taking out that we were replacing the weight in a nontoxic way. If this was impossible than we would cease this production, green industry/ energy everywhere, new town civic housing planning get everyone off the oil. It would be law that we could not develop communities without complete off the grid design including growing food. Yup my universe would be crunchy hippie Earth respecting and slow. We would be invested in moving a lot slower or maybe not traveling at all if it meant wasting resources. We would live in community taking care and making money although highly important to our society it would be balanced with a high quality of community and life and love. More would be replaced with best or better…value shifting, emotional connecting, experimental and yet necessary. We need to completely rethink what we do and how we do it and no it isn’t a utopia it is just more humane. The Danish, the Netherlanders are way ahead of us. We need to change the social paradigm. The Greedy people who need more at the expense of the planet will be replaced by people who care about the quality of life. We will cherish real things and not the trap of more is better. Bigger, is not better, better is a quality that encompasses life, relationships,and time, lots of it plus safety and clean water, air and forests. We need to slow way, way down and retrace and decompress from the “lie” of more is better, it isn’t…so try less and discover what is actually best.

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mario said...

to be honest, ive lost hope in this life Rae. Too much wrong doing on this earth