Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Where else will we go?

Yesterday I as I was channel surfing obsessed with the news of late because of the unrest in the middle East which directly impacts us and as I realize with sadness that this administration is only a slight improvement from the hideous Bush Cheney juggernaut it made me think. I was pondering how easy it is to forget countries which are still suffering under horrendous conditions and people are still being slaughtered by corrupt regimes (Somalia, Darfur) because they are not us and they are not white and they are not rich so we let them “die”. I was thinking about our own domestic complex relationship between the races and how all of the right wingers whether Tea baggers or the true conservative Christians who are barely able to contain their disdain for Obama; his race, his family ties; his everything. Mainly his race I was thinking that racism is such a dirty word that even people of color are loathe to utter the word or talk about its impact and it’s prevalence globally. It is everywhere the white against color bias. Asian culture are as bad or worse when it comes to skin tone the lighter and less Asian the better. Underneath it all is cash, the more you have the lighter you appear to be until you are no longer a dirty “something” unless Arab , in that case “dirty” no matter how much cash will always be something you will have to fight or push against because we have continued to separate “you” desert dwelling tribal nomads with dust. It is uneducated and lame and Lawrence of Arabia showed us how lame it was and is and it is no wonder there is a strong dislike over there against the West. Like us Afro American/Canadians with slavery, no matter how much success and fame and fortune we always have the “burden” of our history in America the “stain” of it, when if you think of it, that stain should be shared by the elite white men who still hold most of the money and power in America. I was listening to Tyler Perry discuss his dislike and disapproval of Spike Lee, regarding his success, Tyler’s success, I think it so dated and so silly , anyone say “jealous”? No, we can’t win, no matter what, there will always be some beef about whatever anyone accomplishes of color. Obama cannot win because we need radical change and one 4 year term is not enough time or strength or support to initiate the actual change we need. No one would have succeeded. When I hear about Republican pledges signed by Republican politicians (for campaign financing) to insure no taxes are raised my blood boils because how are we ever going to begin the true rebuild? I remember the voices of reason when they cried out against globalization of industry in the 70’s as jobs flew overseas and factories closed and America rusted into where we are now. I remember “them” who saw this end saying we will regret it and slide into poverty. They never listened as they voted to destabilize and close all American industries. I think we deserve everything we are experiencing and more. Guantanamo must be closed and the men released and pardoned and Wiki leaks treated as a hero by enlightening us the public to the shenanigans’ of politicians and our government. There has never been a security crisis bigger than climate change and yet no one with power is sounding the bell. When we lose the honey bees and the food shrivels up and we are dying by the millions I reckon we will still be banging the same drums. More money, more money, more money, in Somalia where there is nothing but chaos no infrastructure, nothing but death and warlords and feminine and sadness. In Somalia a lone figure dresses in his policemen’s uniform stands on a crate and directs traffic every day same spot. He pulls no salary because there isn’t a police force or city for that matter. The photographer who took a famous photo of him doing his job which he reports to everyday asked him why he bothers. He said someone has to do it and why not him? Where else would he go?

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