Sunday, April 3, 2011


Goodness is a matter of perspective and the fellow in Florida who burned the good book of a billion people is not good he is evil. He whom I will not name because I think underneath it all is a sick need for attention and I will not contribute to it here. Still I do want to comment that if he isn’t held accountable there is no justice.
I think freedom of speech in this case has definitely gone too far, why? Creating chaos threatens lives and security, because unbalanced violent radicals are waiting to act against all things American. People who unfortunately want to disable the United States. Doing something as provocative as burning their “Bible” is unconscious and unacceptable and he should be held personally accountable for inciting violence against innocent people and costing us money. I reckon they are looking at pressing charges for the guy in Florida. The recharged vigor with which “they hate us” the renewed violence in Afghanistan against our soldiers is painful and unnecessary and it further entrenches us in an unwinnable war. Thanks “Pastor Ass-hole” you have done us a huge disservice. It’s not as funny now thinking about the impact of a miserable few but I do enjoy when Chelsea lately teases Florida for having the dumbest people in America if not the world. I now think she is on to something.
We went to see “Source Code” which is out this weekend. It was enjoyable but not outstanding in anyway but what was intriguing was the concept that great destruction in America will most probably be a home grown “operation” and it will be about our corrupted political system and it’s entrenchment , how nothing will ever get done that will be meaningful unless something “big” happens. The movie has a point the system has been corrupted like a computer hard drive and nothing short of complete overhaul will jar us out of the corner. It’s no wonder when we think of power in Washington it’s not a cohesive Congress and Senate who are guided by the Constitution. No its base is back room lobbying and bought politicians. Politicians as untrustworthy as a bank robber in fact actual tax thieves; its tax payers that carry the brunt, looking at our policies and the corruption of every Corporate tax loophole makes it clear there is no way in our life time with the way things work in Washington that anything of substance will get done. NOTHING will change no matter how hopeful we all want to be unless we completely overhaul policy. Rip the tax incentives for big business out of the mix. Who are we kidding? The movies villain is a (White male) radical who is sick of the mess and thinks erroneously that only complete destruction will facilitate change. It is a mediocre film that presents a very real dilemma, fascinating. I personally don’t think millions dying is the answer and we saw how eager the last administration was to create a bill (Patriot Act) that gutted civil liberties across the board in the face of terror, opportunists everyone of them. Still we are not seeing change that means anything real or helpful to our future and that is very scary.

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