Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ms. President

Recently I was thinking about what it would be like to be President of the United States of America. I reckon after the glow of winning the election which is expensive in every way, time money and needless pandering to the true powers that be, which must be like making a deal with the devil only plural, devils. It was kind of stressful first off the truth is we do have to decide soon who these Libyan rebels are whether it is prudent to support them after all we have spent billions training and financing the enemy in Afghanistan and we’ll be damned to do it again. Alternative fuel what a disaster because the entrenched oil barons have not created a base solid enough nor profitable enough to wean us off fossil fuels they continue to lobby to the public and Washington that we cannot get off oil until 2025 which is a long ways away and honestly we might not make it that far. When we all know Brazil which is an enormous country poised to become a first world mega force if it hasn’t already claimed this mantle. They are pretty successfully off the “oil” pipe if they can do why can’t we? If the truth were to be told it would amount to this fact. The industries that dominate our fuel sources are not ready yet to dominate clean energy and they will be damned if they will support new players in the industry. Washington supports this conspiracy and it sucks for us who will bear the brunt of not being prepared in our very near future. After watching “inside job” the documentary outlining our financial fiasco that was created by the very same souls who are still in charge of our national treasury, who are in change of our financial policy. I know deep in my heart that Obama is the same old crap we have always had in power. I said it, the great brown hope is not. Now it is very clear that an enormous revolutionary cataclysmic change is the only thing that will get America off the pipe. Being President isn’t easy because it’s a fake job really, the lobbyists and the corporate honchos really pull the levers of power , like the fictional wizard of oz…So although we hated having the last guy in office this guy is in many ways more dangerous because he is attractive , intelligent and seductive. Honestly if he was truly doing a great job someone very powerful would take him out. In other words we know real change is happening when attempts on his life occur, otherwise its same ol same old in Washington. We need change with a capital C and it’s not going to come anytime soon. America has become as haggard as a whore who is strung out on crack. We are frayed around the edges. The pimps who are in the shape of corporate America will not stop the degradation until it’s too late. Joseph Pulitzer warned of this exact outcome over a hundred years ago…and we are fulfilling his prophecy to the letter. We could learn a lot from Brazil’s energy program we could adopt it and that would help and ease and restore a bit of our integrity. America we deserve to be going in the right direction, instead of addicted to foreign oil consumers. We deserve to be smarter and to have real leadership, we have a long way to go but we definitely need change and what we have right now isn’t cutting it. If I were president I would not last long but the year I would have in office before “they” executed me would be filled with policy change and house cleaning that would mean something and I would gladly sacrifice my life for that change. We need complete deconstruction, than a rebuild starting with a distancing from corporate dominance that we will not see in my life time unless something enormously bad happens and I don’t wish this on us but I wouldn’t be too sad to see change come, soon. They say change marches forward no matter what so we can greet it with ease and acceptance as a gift or with stubborn resistance, disruption but it’s coming we can count on it.

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emullins75 said...

You know, Rae, you are so right. It's really sad that it's happening like this. Sometime soon, there is gonna be something that is gonna happen again to make them sit up and go "Oh wait.. we should have done something about this back then"...but by that time it's gonna be too late. And I'm surprised that an assassination attempt hasn't been tried yet. I guess they could care less for him since he's not doing such a good job. Now if you were president, I'd vote for ya.. but then again, I'd probably get shot along with ya after trying to save ur life. In the end, there is a change that needs to be done as you mentioned. Something needs to be done and it needs to be done now.