Monday, March 7, 2011


Exhausted and disgusted with the choices I have in the media. I want to do something about it. Just this morning as I am reading about the fascist comments made by a drunk fashionista (John Galliano) it occurs to me that if we women stepped together both ethnic and non ethnic we could improve the quality of every aspect of media. There are less than 10 % of women writing in Hollywood today less than 10% that is sick and sad. God forbid the scripts that are written by women are about women when I reckon 50% of the content focuses on males and their stories. So we get the double shaft as it were. One of the top rated shows in TV is written by a women of color but the focus of the ensemble is not the token African American character, in the cast it is the non ethnic women and men. Okay it is not just a color issue it is an age issue, yes we can stop and change the faces we see by boycotting media, all media. Magazines and television and movies unless you are not sick of seeing the same 4 faces on every cover; how many Jen Anniston versus Angelina and Brad covers can you tolerate? Do we need to see more of the Kardashians? Who I will say is a welcome change being half brown (Armenian). I give media that although its entertaining hearing them speak (Valley girl whine) still I feel like my brain shrinks every time I watch an episode of their show. Yup I feel dumb and broke who has that kind of cash? So really media, this is what we get? Someone should fire Ryan Seacrest because underneath that veneered smile lies evil…money grubbing Dick Clark evil. Dick Clark is a very bad man who dumped his wife and tortured his kids by being mean and cheap.It is all hearsay and my imagination, still I suspect this because I worked with his son who is a mess and I couldn’t blame him (alone) I think his father was awful to him, okay maybe its arm chair pop pyschology, guilty as charged. Still I think Ryan is cut from the same cloth, uber ambitious, so successful because he represents what, squeaky clean American values? He who has given us the Kardashians, evil, a blight on society? Maybe, okay I may be a bit tough on the Kardashian Kingdom, jealous? You bet, you know I have not watched OWN network yet I hear it’s good. Not sure they bought my series Mysterious Ways which is nice of them so I can’t be too critical. John Galliano spewing evil in a bar is the perfect starting point to fully illustrate the fascism in fashion Anna Wintour is still trying to convince us that she wants to use more ethnic women in her magazine when I suspect it may be Grace Coddington who is the artist who cares. They still claim that the magazine doesn’t sell when a women of color is on the cover. It may be true since that majority of us of color need to save our money to go to our weekly, 3000.00 hair appointments attaching expensive weaves (fake hair) so we can walk around with straight Asian hair sewed to our scalp so we can look more Anglo and less Afro. As we fry our eye balls inserting blue contact lenses so we can have the coveted light eye color. It has to be the Beyonce’ affect the straight hooker extensions, the black Barbie vibe, is it the humid weather in Houston that makes those Texans loathe the curl? I wonder…What we are if not sensitive creatures that are looking to matter to have an impact who long for love and a place in the proverbial sun. I long for interesting stories with fascinating people who are different and strange and lovable for the right reasons who do amazing things, simple ordinary things who contribute and yet are not boring or dull or swollen with (pc) smugness, intelligent content based on something wondrous like uniqueness and bravery. We watch a show called “Doc Marten” about a doctor in Britain on the BBC for some reason in that series no one is stunningly gorgeous or 20 still the show is fabulous and funny and touching. We need this here, good content because we are desperate in our home grown media we have hit a wall. We have sunk into a media wasteland and it is only getting worse.


NC17 said...

you said it all when you pointed out who's on magazines. Black Women can now get on those magazines but it better be with the Beyonce weaves or the nicki minaj wig so these editors feel comfortable that a white market will buy her as a sex symbol. They want middle america to be more accepting of the blue eyed, long haired, black women who look nothing like the average girl who's teased at school because her hair is thicker than most.

Charles said...

Same old Hollywood. I tried to watch the Oscars, it was so painful I had to flip back and forth between that and a 15 year old, still fresh Long Kiss Goodnight. I thought Franco was a disaster that Hathaway couldn't fix. Nothing wrong with the UK, but it seemed like a 3 hr. snooty brit invasion. Halle outshined everyone and helped out just by showing up.