Friday, March 11, 2011

Lies from the Right!

Domestic terrorism is alive and well and it is perpetrated by non Muslim men who happen to be Neo Nazi and it was just last week in Spokane Washington at a Martin Luther King rally that an IED was discovered and the maker of such IED allegedly is a WHITE male. Said white male was seized with intent to mass murder. That Rep. Peter king and can hold a hearing regarding the threat of domestic Jihadism as if it happens here every day in every city stating that it is only “Muslim” extremists who partake in such crimes is a BIG FAT lie. The recent hearing was filled with untruths and not one FBI representative or agent was present or any other expert (homeland security state department official) was in attendance just shows how we have devolved into something akin to the worst domestic bigotry. Absolutely we should be on alert regarding terrorism both domestic and internationally but we must not blame an entire group of people in a general scathing long damaging way. That is un-American and that is exactly where these conservative watch dog bigots want to take us. Shame on every single one of you and “We the people of America” need to step back and shout “Not on our watch!” Intolerance should not be tolerated. of course I am just repeating what is on the news. Still spread the word we who care and want true freedom here at home ,we are under attack by liars like this.
I pray this last demonstration of racism begins a bigger dialogue and sounds a louder alarm for every one of us who is not a bigot and can tolerate real Muslims who are peacefully practicing their religion in safety in America. We need to stand up against this new and nasty rising past time of blame the Muslim.
It is getting scary here in America and we are under attack by a group of well meaning misguided kooks. Please get the facts right and please get a fair and balanced view (I know) of every issue not just one side!

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