Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Ai WEI WEI a living treasure, China’s most valuable asset (to the world) an artist, he was part of the team that designed the Birdcage stadium. Ai has been detained, arrested in China. This is wrong and yet…inevitable since he has been very outspoken and if a hair on his body is touched there will be a revolution if one isn’t already brewing as I write this. We have millions of African American men festering in prisons country wide some for good reason many for dubious reasons Jim Crow laws and minor crimes and shoddy police work nonetheless some of the men are very guilty and yet one or more have been wrongly accused. It isn’t right and it is racial and it is complex the prison debacle for African American men in America. More… The water rights in Michigan a part of the US A under economic siege for longer than two decades because corporations who have been subsidized by our taxes (big breaks) our government allowed them to move jobs overseas…and now Michigan is a wasteland struggling to find another industry to fill it’s bellies. YET it has one thing the world will need and immediately corporations are moving in to own the substance and that is WATER. Oh the mystery of life…where one thing disappears another moves in. We have so many fish to fry, fires to put out and details to sort out and understand and still it boils down to simplicity…if we simplify our lives we can see a brighter future if we maintain the status quo we will suffer. FREE AI WEI WEI...NOW!!!

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