Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Our Ass...

There is a revolution afoot and its home grown or at least I hope so. It is the green movement the revolution of resetting how we live and consume and care for our environment. Turns out if we don’t start the complete renewal immediately we will die sooner(12 years) than later. That is incentive and I use the word incentive properly not like the current mash up of “izing” every verb as if to emphasize (pun intended) the point. We are looking at some fascinating weather ahead in every market. I am currently reading Thomas Friedman’s book “Hot, Flat, and crowded” read it. He outlines in complete details why we are in for it is we don’t make massive changes and there it is again our need to revisit how we allow our politicians to lull us into lies and more lies about how well we are doing when we are not doing well at all. When we could look to our neighbors like Brazil and Denmark and other off the grid cultures who have somehow managed to get off “The pipe” I mean the crude OILPIPE…my beloved husband says it is impossible with the current climate of bipartisan BS on the hill. I say it is possible because we have a black president. The book says the same thing too…read it with me and let me know what you think. Peace…oh and get on that bicycle and burn a few calories with me in solidarity for the love of Mother Earth.

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