Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It is vital to make a commitment to love, if we are in it or if we want it, of course we start here now with ourselves. Everyday I fantasize about "lover" no it's not my man. I think of this ideal, I imagine my every need being met in this magical satisfying way, me, mine, complete orgasmic heaven. Of course some wise doctor pointed out that an infant is the only other creature who wants that. Healthy adults don't even think it's possible or they miss satisfying their significant other. So I am or can be infantile. Oh sure we can chalk it up to a truncated relationship with mother. I had a very truncated relationship, short and cold. Poor me, I kid.

Sure I missed the walks the cuddles and the sweet time of magic girls can have with mother. On the other hand my entire life has been dedicated to discovery and learning about life. Deep investigation with the core realization that being lover being a fully flushed out adult in relationship with the divinity in both my self and my significant brings me close to the sweet spot some call Nirvana.

How do we achieve such a far flung thang? I know it's so exotic and some of us are all thumbs when it comes to love. If I could give you the shortest route to it I would NOT because I would be robbing you of the path, the journey. No one can ride the roller coaster for us we HAVE to do it ourselves and same with life and love. It's your journey. I have a love hate relationship with self help books, programs to speed up self realization, it feels as if it is counter productive to the actual experience. Speed seems to me to be the problem and what's the rush? Okay so love and being a better lover here, now, in our lives, our lives as they are now with or without a mate that's a privilege because we have something to learn and do. That's another thing, you don't need anyone else to do this. Taking the care and being thoughtful to yourself and your neighbor is the first steps to becoming a fantastic lover.

I am only in this (life) to be a fantastic lover.

Money fame and fortune is not the goal they are a by-product of a fully connected loving life filled with joy.

If you were given the choice of Self realization or a billion dollars what would you take?

I would take the source (Self realization) the connectedness...that's what we want cash for anyway, to feel safe.


Tony Carrington said...

Bob Marley has a song named "Could You Be Loved". It's one thing to be able to love, and it's another thing to be "lovable". Being lovable means that you live your life in such a way that others cannot help but love you. And they may even feel compelled to love you.

Some people seem to be in love with the idea of love, but they don't necessarily love being loving.

In the midst of making love one day I felt like I had left my body for a brief moment and that God's presence replaced my consciousness, almost as if God saw the trueness of the love being made and decided to "join in" in order to share the unique experience with me. Nirvana of the highest form (at least here on earth :-)

"Love thy neighbor as thyself". And, "As you do unto your neighbor you do unto God". Merging these two is a major step on the path to being a fantastic lover.

glt said...

A billion dollars is too scary, make it a million or 2 and I'll take. With my lifestyle, I think I can dip in and out of various nirvana-like states on most days. I Really don't think I want to be a constantly nirvanaish man. So, I'll take the money and THEN maybe some good gal might want to settle down and marry me! Don't tell me money doesn't matter...that's infantile thinking. It matters to everybody over 30 and most people under 30.

What about tantric love? I was gonna take a class in it but the bigshot beancounters cancelled it.
TB's got a strange thing going with his "Seminal" love. Wonder where he is?

Tony Carrington said...

Hi GLT, I "re-posted" this comment on fb. It's a shame that the blog comments can't be merged with the fb comments :-(

glt said...

I saw that
I wish they had an easy button for doing that. Maybe they'll eventually get one. These things keep changing. Meanwhile, I'll go with the flow of TWO rivers! That reminds me of a song Called "Song For Canada" by Ian and Sylvia..."...two nations in the land that lies along it's shore , but just one river rolling free!"