Thursday, August 27, 2009


My baby is getting married this weekend and although I adore the bride I am a bit sad because as usual I am caught off sides here. I am being shown by life that my baby is a grown up, an adult, a man. Oh, he makes me proud in many ways and I feel touched that he is so independent and I also feel like his accomplished life is my accomplishment too. I can't help it. If asked what is my favorite most winning thing I have achieved? It would be Morgan. Being a parent to a wonderful soul like his. I am far from a perfect parent, so complicated and flawed, yet so willing to admit that, open to what I need to learn, to be a better parent. I refused to be the emotionally incestuous mother who draws every last bit of energy out of her child to feed her unquenchable void. When he was little I simply said "no can do" I will not ruin another soul for my vanity. I will raise him to be autonomous and I will endure the pain of him leaving me early and I did. It wasn't easy shipping him off to prep school at a young age and then college. It was brutal to hear him say "Mom, I will never live with you again" with a huge smile on his face and again hear him say "Mom I am engaged". No doubt one day very soon he will call and tell me I will be a granny, soon. If all goes well. all happened so fast.

I am moving from MILF status to GILF status and it suits me just fine "Thank you".


Ryanaldo said...

you are a good milf.

Cheryl Carlyle said...

Hi Rae,
That's super terrific news. Congratulations to Morgan and your new daughter in law.
Will you be posting pics up?
Wishing them the best happiness. I know how you feel as my son Joshua is now 20, hard to believe it. I just have one son only too. I love it. He's more than enough. He still lives at home but probably not for much longer.
Well have a great weekend, you'll tell us about it later.
Take care, Cheryl.

glt said...

Holy Cow! I need a good GILF real bad! hahahahah! Love you, Rd!

glt said...

Beautiful Life!

Cyndi said...

I will always remember Morgan as an energetic toddler, on an American Airlines flight from New York to LA in the early '80s. He joyfully ran teetering circles around and around the plane (from coach to first and back down the other side--in those days, you COULD cross those barriers without drawing federal marshals). You tagged along behind him the entire way, so patient and so obviously delighted with him. Most parents I know would have strapped the kid in and made him fall asleep, but you let him be him. Impressive, I think.

Happy wedding to the groom and your new daughter-in-law, and of course, to you!

Bobby said...

You and I are close to the same age and I feel we have seen lifes little quirks at the same speed of light. Your's probably a richer life mine a poorer life but.... The one thing you and I have in common is life is always about little passages. We are chanllenged. We make judgements. We except rewards and punishments and we achive goals.
My father always asked me this question: "What do you do when it rains?" Answer: " Let it rain!" I look at your picture here and dont really know if its your current up to date as I only follow you once in a while when a movie comes out or you blog. I have a hard enough time just following me in my own trials and tibulations. You look marvelous You have a child whom has gone to college You get to start that Santa Claus thing all over again and see the joys in the eyes of a future grandchild. (Providing you do that Schtick!) So its not like it's all over but yet just a NEW BEGINNING! Have fun dont pull your curls out over it and Ill say. I hope big Daddy is there for the nuptials. What child wouldnt have a great life in a family like yours. Wonder how Great uncle Paris and the rest are going to see this? History repetes so have fun with it all. Good luck with the new daughter in law.