Sunday, August 2, 2009

The family

A christian group set up to destroy what is great in America under the protection of fundamentalist Christianity. Just writing that sentence is creepy. I want everyone to do their homework and learn as much as possible about this group and out all of their activities. write,blog and spread the word that there are people out there on a mission to Christianize America. Okay That may not be an actual word but it's something I feel compelled to create it to express its shape. I have no problem with your beliefs or others beliefs as long as it is practised in private or gently shared not diabolical propaganda. I get worried when I hear about groups demanding huge mega Church's to be build on Military bases where is the freedom there? The Christian ideal is one idea not the only religion. I am sorry but I for one believe in a creative force you can label it God, but it isn't necessarily connected to "the good book" and I am hesitant to take a stand propping up any propaganda. I think there is plenty of space on Planet earth for you and me without having my ideals and beliefs rammed down anyone else's throat. I am not saying Jesus wasn't real I just think it is harmful to say and do anything to anyone under the name or auspices of "The Christ". All love and charity should be down under what it is, which is love of human kind for our brethren not Just for some abstract idea...or dogma.

I am not wanting Mega churches built on bases I think religion and spirituality should be more private and balanced. Build a church but hold off on the mega part. Like mega mansions does one really need that much space?

Oh I know I am in dangerous territory, still we seem to be under attack here in America from our own citizens. The believers who murder doctors, the crazy Christians who believe Muslims are all bad. It's scary and we as moderates (I guess) need to be educated and ready to kill the fires that seem to be set everywhere.

The same folks who keep on about Obama's birth place. These people are stupid.

I know America is better then has to be we voted him in.

Read the new book about the Christian mafia called "The Family' and go see "Hurt Locker" it is the best film so far in 2009.

...or NOT, it's a free country, so lets keep it that way!



Dwacon® said...

Jesus is love.

Nuff said.

Gordie N said...

Wouldn't it be nice if all of Jesus' followers were love also? And that goes for the fundamentalist factions of all religions.

Tony Carrington said...

"God is too BIG for just one religion." -unknown

glt said...

I agree with Rd and Gordie.
I've seen people in small churches become possessed by "The Holy Spirit"(Jesus, God)because everybody else was fervently believing it. It just felt to me like if everyone believed that strongly in Santa Claus, they may have felt a very similar sensation. I do believe Jesus was a real fellow and quite a preacher to say the least. Probably a prophet(not profit, like today!) as well, but that's as far as I can go.

Another thing, I have enuf trouble getting to know people in a group of 20. How do people in 20,000 seat arenas ever manage it?

Long live freedom of speech...and belief!

Kim said...

"Christian mafia?" WTH? Manson's group called themselves "The Family" too. Not good.

Yes, it's IS horrifying what people do in the name of "God." I see it every day :-(

clouise said...

You made him laugh......God.

Phil said...

As John Lennon said,
"Imagine . . .
. . . and no religion too"

Religion is just that, a moniker placed on a person's beliefs. As Paul McCartney asked, "What if we all just learned to "live together . . . in perfect harmony"

That would be Utopia!