Friday, August 28, 2009


Finally a couple of politicians (I know there are a few more) whose heart felt racism has come to the surface and it echo's some public opinion. That it is a race issue and they do feel railroaded by a guy or a movement that is not taking this country into the best direction according to their uptopian all white way. What I know is that ANYONE else who would have taken this job would have maybe done worse then what this administration is doing. I think the flip flop lying that John McCain is doing about his "partner" Ted Kennedy is shameful. Where is character? I live with someone who at times is challenged when it comes to keeping a story straight. I find it the most difficult character flaw, in myself and others. This squirminess when it comes to what one truly believes. It isn't easy to spot but boy do we each need to face it and route it out of our bag of tricks. Look no matter what, try to keep the story straight. I respect a person (no matter what their beliefs) more if they stand up for their opinion/s and don't squiggle and squirm and lie to get out of of being confronted because they might be a bit "white supremacist".

There are many people who are just that and they don't shoot guns or drive pick ups...just like that is true for those few people who look redneck racist but are not. I have actually met a few myself and it was facinating to witness the style choice.

Never judge a book by it's cover, including President Obama.

WE are a complicated bunch and I find it sassy and silly that we need to heap blame on our leaders instead of actually sitting down and maybe prefacing our disdain with" I may be partly responsible for this but I am not happy about...blah, blah, blah". Instead of going off on one man as if he authored everything that isn't good currently in our system. It's frustrating and really "DUMB". Also if the people who are thinking that by protecting Corporate health care and it's racket of public abuse that they are pro-American? It kills me more then bad health care. Who are you weirdos? Please this idea of fair and available will help us not harm us. It's like a shady sci if film which shows propaganda that is scatter shot over a sound system feeding the masses lies, LOVE BIG BROTHER kind of stuff. Who are we? I would love to see them after 5 years of the new and improved system. Provided we get some thing new and improved. I imagine they will be as amnesiac as they are wonder despots the world over have no trouble committing genocide...we are as a whole lazy in almost every way. Fat and stupid is not good.

Watching Mr. Bush hold that book upside down whilst he was being informed about the attacks on 9/11 and then how he sat shell shock or "Gob smacked" (as they say in Briton) for 7 more seconds, then as he stood and skittered away like vermin made me realize that indeed...when we are ignorant, we are just as frantic and desperate as rats only I suspect we are aren't as intelligent or kind.


glt said...

Very nice piece Rd.

Reminds me of "Easy Rider" days.
Wonder if we've advanced, regressed or stayed the same? This is one of those days I wish I was an almighty who could snap his fingers and change hearts into all love. I wish I could heal sickness with a glance. I wish all minds flowed thru mine.

You're a beautiful soul. Eternal grace you are! LOVE and PEACE!

glt said...

(I have to comment twice in order to check the follow-up email box)...

Charles said...

One of these days the sun is going to kick us out of the solar system.

Ryanaldo said...

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